Manuel Monteiro

Manuel Monteiro

Senior Innovation Consultant


Fraunhofer AICOS
Rua Alfredo Allen 455/461
4200-135 Porto, Portugal


T. +351 220 430 300




Relevant publications


Resende C., Monteiro M., Oliveira J., Júnior W., Cavaleiro A., Silva R., & Carvalho R. (2018). WGW4IIoT: Wireless Gateway for Industrial IoT. In IEEE ISCC 2018 Workshops - Information and Communication Technologies for Industry 4.0. More info

Guimarães V., Castro L., Carneiro S., Monteiro M., Rocha T., Barandas M., Machado J., Vasconcelos M.J.M., Gamboa H., & Elias D. (2016). A motion tracking solution for indoor localization using smartphones. In 2016 International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN). More info