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Scientific Positions




Researcher in Embedded Electronics - Hardware | Cyber-physical Systems Group (Job Ref.: FhP_Jobs_2020_04)

Researcher in Embedded Electronics - Firmware | Cyber-physical Systems Group (Job Ref.: FhP_Jobs_2020_05)


We are constantly interested to get in touch with highly qualified scientists and developers for the following topics:


> Cognitive connected solutions;

> Digital farming;

> Accountable artificial intelligence;

> Decentralised health technology;

> Living and ageing with data.


Please contact us by sending a spontaneous application with Resume and Cover Letter to the email*


Support Positions



There are no open calls at this time.

If you can provide excellent academic and professional qualifications in the areas addressed below, please contact us by sending a spontaneous application with Resume and Cover Letter to the email


> Finance & Accounting

> Information Technology

> Administrative & Executive Secretary

> Human Resources

> Business Development

> Design & Communication

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In order to establish and expand its project competences, Fraunhofer Portugal is now looking for applications from candidates interested in the particular fields addressed by the new center dedicated to “Smart Agriculture and Water Management” (Fraunhofer AWAM), who are capable of providing excellent qualifications and skills within the requirements described.


Facility and Infrastructure Manager | Évora, Portugal (Job Ref.: FhP_Jobs_2021_03)

Facility and Infrastructure Manager | Vila Real, Portugal (Job Ref.: FhP_Jobs_2021_04)

Lab Manager | Évora, Portugal (Job Ref.: FhP_Jobs_2021_05)

Lab Manager | Vila Real, Portugal (Job Ref.: FhP_Jobs_2021_06)

Administrative Assistant | Évora, Portugal (Job Ref.: FhP_Jobs_2021_07)

Administrative Assistant | Vila Real, Portugal (Job Ref.: FhP_Jobs_2021_08)