Fraunhofer AWAM in the scientific structures supported by CCDR-N


Liliana Ferreira, executive director of Fraunhofer Portugal, was present at the event, together with other distinguished guests from the academic, scientific and political sphere of our country. 



Aimed at people with rheumatic conditions, COTIDIANA project kicks off


The COTIDIANA project has kicked-off. Intended to develop a mobile solution that allows the collection of data from people with rheumatic diseases, the COTIDIANA is a 28-month project, financed by the AAL programme which involves 6 international partners.



Welcoming Master Students


As tradition dictates, the welcome was given in a Workshop that brought together all students - 27 this year.



EyesOnTraps on the field: sensors installed at vineyards in the Douro region


Within the EyesOnTraps project, a team of FhP-AICOS researchers installed sensors in one of the Douro's stakeholders’ vineyards, in order to collect and analyze different data for pest prevention in vineyards.



OPERATOR: The human side of Industry 4.0


The OPERATOR project has started in March 2020 with the aim of ensuring the well-being (physical and mental) of the industry worker. To this end, and given the project's focus on the human side, the first months of this international project were devoted precisely to fieldwork, with direct contact with professionals and an analysis of their needs.



SAIFFER - Artificial intelligence brings security to lone workers


FhP-AICOS and the French company Neogivie, of the ICOM France group, have come together to develop a more advanced and intelligent technology which, by using artificial intelligence techniques, allows defining patterns and predicting risk situations. 



TexBoost – Innovative solution to improve surf performances


This solution has been developed by FhP-AICOS within the TexBoost project which has recently come to an end. The closing event brought together all the partners for the presentations of the work and results achieved.



TAMI - High-performing XAI systems for application in medicine


TAMI is an international project aiming, specially, at building high-performing Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) systems for application in medicine, whose workings and outputs can be understood and cross-examined by users through human-friendly explanations of the automated results.



AHEAD Portugal: 6 teams are making a run for creating FhP based technology startups


The technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and innovation internal program, AHEAD Portugal, was launched last September. Now that the application period has ended, the results show an outstanding outcome with the registration of 6 teams, in a total of 16 participants.



Interactive game for geriatric rehabilitation uses gait analysis to adapt the intervention


Scientific studies show that the reduction in gait speed in the senior population is associated with some problems such as falls, urinary incontinence, cognitive impairment, increased risk of disability and overall mortality rates. Considering these indicators, VITAAL was born, aimed at the senior population in order to respond to these problems.



Pilot of the DERM.AI project kicks-off


The pilot developed within the scope of the DERM.AI project has begun and will last for 5 months. The kick-off took place with a training session aimed for Dermatologists and General and Family Medicine doctors of the Local Health Unit (ULS) of Guarda.

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