SINATRA: Applying augmented reality to Industry 4.0


This project will allow the consortium to combine the knowledge between the different technical and scientific valences in order to develop an innovative, robust and versatile solution, able to streamline and facilitate industrial preventive and corrective processes.



Visiting FhP-AICOS, European Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, states:


“With the help of cutting-edge technology, ethical AI and the Horizon Europe Programme, we will beat diseases like cancer and support our healthcare sector”.



ConPosting: LIPOR and FhP-AICOS jointly aim to increase the efficiency of waste management


As a way to improve the efficiency of waste management, LIPOR and FhP-AICOS are developing a technological solution that allows citizens to be part of the process, involving them in composting activities. ConPosting is the project under development that includes a set of sensors, a mobile application and a web portal.



Fraunhofer Portugal AWAM – new branch in Vila Real


From the visit of the Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, to UTAD, we highlight the installation of a branch of Fraunhofer Portugal AWAM in Vila Real. Fraunhofer Portugal AWAM is the new research center, under the umbrella of the Fraunhofer Portugal, dedicated to precision agriculture and water management.



Anathema project kicks off with international webinar: debate on the use of digital technology to promote sexual health in adults 55+


This webinar marked the kick-off of the Anathema, a European project for the promotion of sexual health, coordinated by FhP-AICOS research centre.



FhP-AICOS achieves 2nd prize in the IN3+ award and leads the certification process in Artificial Intelligence


AICeBlock is the project, led by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS (FhP-AICOS), that became a finalist at the IN3+ award, organized by the National Press Casa da Moeda (INCM). 



Fraunhofer AWAM in the scientific structures supported by CCDR-N


Liliana Ferreira, executive director of Fraunhofer Portugal, was present at the event, together with other distinguished guests from the academic, scientific and political sphere of our country. 



Aimed at people with rheumatic conditions, COTIDIANA project kicks off


The COTIDIANA project has kicked-off. Intended to develop a mobile solution that allows the collection of data from people with rheumatic diseases, the COTIDIANA is a 28-month project, financed by the AAL programme which involves 6 international partners.



Welcoming Master Students


As tradition dictates, the welcome was given in a Workshop that brought together all students - 27 this year.



EyesOnTraps on the field: sensors installed at vineyards in the Douro region


Within the EyesOnTraps project, a team of FhP-AICOS researchers installed sensors in one of the Douro's stakeholders’ vineyards, in order to collect and analyze different data for pest prevention in vineyards.



OPERATOR: The human side of Industry 4.0


The OPERATOR project has started in March 2020 with the aim of ensuring the well-being (physical and mental) of the industry worker. To this end, and given the project's focus on the human side, the first months of this international project were devoted precisely to fieldwork, with direct contact with professionals and an analysis of their needs.

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