Fraunhofer AICOS’ application for solid waste management, ORERA, is launched


ORERA is the application developed by Fraunhofer AICOS’ research team through which citizens are able to inform, by sending a photo taken from their smartphones, about occurrences of accumulation of solid waste in certain places. The application was developed (and designed) for individuals with little digital literacy.



VITAAL: Interactive games for seniors help prevent urinary incontinence, falls and cognitive problems


VITAAL is an individualized multicomponent exergame training that uses gait analysis to formulate personalized interventions.



Hosting Master Students and encouraging Technology development


Every year Fraunhofer AICOS receives a group of master students in order to provide a professional environment for students to develop their research work. This initiative allows students to go beyond the academic reality.



AICOS’ technologies exposed at the largest international fair for the medical sector

Fraunhofer AICOS was present at MEDICA 2019, in Düsseldorf, Germany, from November 18th to the 21st, where side by side with the world's top medical device experts and companies, showcased Derma, Ophta and Micron, as part of AICOS’ flagship projects and portfolio items.



Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2019 - Awarded Ideas


This year’s special event celebrated the 10th edition of the Challenge and included, besides the contestants' presentations, a wrap up of the ten editions.




10 years of Research of Practical Utility


The Fraunhofer AICOS Research Center celebrated its 10th anniversary, last Friday, 27th September, at the Matosinhos Cruise Terminal.



Fraunhofer Best Portuguese PhD/MSc Thesis in Biomedical Engineering Competition


The goal of Fraunhofer Best Portuguese PhD/MSc Thesis in Biomedical Engineering Competition is to distinguish PhD and MSc thesis sponsored by the Portuguese Society of Biomedical Engineering.



The President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft visited Fraunhofer Portugal


For the second time in our 10 years history, the president of the largest applied research organisation in Europe, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, visited this Monday, September 16th, the Fraunhofer Portugal headquarters.




US patent granted to Fraunhofer Portugal

Another significant milestone achieved by Fraunhofer Portugal, with the attribution of the US patent: “Position Tracking for a Bearer of Mobile Device”.


Fraunhofer AICOS present in Mozambique


Under the scope of Sustainable Villages for Development (SV4D) project, developed by Fraunhofer AICOS, in partnership with ARCTEL and FSAU/ARECOM, our researcher Waldir Júnior was in Mozambique, on May 27th, for the official inauguration of the SV4D infrastructure.





AICOS joins ProjectAfrica, funded by LEAP-AGRI, to leverage the potential of computer vision, sensor integration and smartphones in agriculture


In line with previous efforts to tackle the challenges of the present and the future in the area of digital farming, AICOS has joined ProjectAfrica (“On-site air-to-fertilizer mini-plants relegated by sensor-based ICT technology to foster African agriculture”).

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