Fraunhofer Portugal launches technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and innovation program - AHEAD Portugal


September 28th was an historic day for Fraunhofer Portugal with the launching of the technology transfer, entrepreneurship and innovation program - AHEAD Portugal.



Final Master Students Workshop


The master students who had the opportunity to develop their research work within the professional environment of FhP-AICOS, have now concluded internally their projects and had the opportunity to present their work (including its practical applications) and achievements to AICOS’ researchers, in a Final Master Workshop.



EyesOnTraps: Mobile solution for plague prevention in the vineyards


Plagues have become a serious threat to the quality of the grape and the yield of viticulture in areas, such as Alto Douro, where wine production is of great importance to the economic sector. The EyesOnTraps project proposes a mobile solution for plague prevention.



FRADE - Pervasive platform for fall detection, fall risk assessment and prevention


Researchers at FhP-AICOS are developing a technological platform that makes it possible to detect, screen and thus prevent falls among the elderly. The project, known as FRADE (Pervasive Platform for Fall Detection, Fall Risk Assessment and Prevention), consists of using wearable sensors that allow data collection and movement monitoring of seniors.




OPERATOR project values human aspects and promotes the well-being of industry professionals


Focused on the human component, the research project starts with direct monitoring of professionals and an analysis of their needs, from which it will be possible to observe elements such as the ergonomic position, intensity, working time and environment.



LIFANA project encourages healthy eating habits and prevents malnutrition in the elderly


LIFANA is the name of the 2.3 million euro project, developed by Fraunhofer AICOS in partnership with several institutions, which integrates an application targeted at the elderly - designed with and for the elderly - that recommends dietary plans taking into account specific characteristics of each user such as restrictions, preferences, culture, lifestyle and budget.





FhP-AICOS adapts technologies to optimize industrial production lines within the scope of COVID-19


FhP-AICOS is currently using all its experience and know-how in the development of new projects and in adapting technologies already created to the new reality brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Health, education and industrial production are some of the areas covered in these projects that should be applied in the short term.



Fraunhofer AICOS’ application for solid waste management, ORERA, is launched


ORERA is the application developed by Fraunhofer AICOS’ research team through which citizens are able to inform, by sending a photo taken from their smartphones, about occurrences of accumulation of solid waste in certain places. The application was developed (and designed) for individuals with little digital literacy.



VITAAL: Interactive games for seniors help prevent urinary incontinence, falls and cognitive problems


VITAAL is an individualized multicomponent exergame training that uses gait analysis to formulate personalized interventions.



Hosting Master Students and encouraging Technology development


Every year Fraunhofer AICOS receives a group of master students in order to provide a professional environment for students to develop their research work. This initiative allows students to go beyond the academic reality.



AICOS’ technologies exposed at the largest international fair for the medical sector

Fraunhofer AICOS was present at MEDICA 2019, in Düsseldorf, Germany, from November 18th to the 21st, where side by side with the world's top medical device experts and companies, showcased Derma, Ophta and Micron, as part of AICOS’ flagship projects and portfolio items.

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