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11.10.2021, Derm.AI wins HINTT Award in the category of Clinical Outcomes

01.09.2021, Submissions open for the Data Scientist Specialized in Data Analytics Training Course

17.08.2021, Master Students 2021 – Final Workshop

17.08.2021, AINANOTEC – Bringing AI, Nanotechnology and ICT ideas into the market

06.07.2021, City Catalyst - Catalyst for sustainable cities

06.07.2021, Mobilizing Agendas boost knowledge production and technology transfer in Portugal

29.06.2021, Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2021 – “Innovative Technologies for Sustainability”

22.06.2021, OPERATOR - Technology integrated in fabrics allows to analyze workers' posture and prevent ergonomic risks

13.05.2021, SINATRA: Applying augmented reality to Industry 4.0

10.05.2021, Visiting FhP-AICOS, European Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, states: “With the help of cutting-edge technology, ethical AI and the Horizon Europe Programme, we will beat diseases like cancer and support our healthcare sector”

04.05.2021, ConPosting: LIPOR and FhP-AICOS jointly aim to increase the efficiency of waste management

26.04.2021, Fraunhofer Portugal AWAM – new branch in Vila Real

20.04.2021, Anathema project kicks off with international webinar: debate on the use of digital technology to promote sexual health in adults 55+

14.04.2021, FhP-AICOS achieves 2nd prize in the IN3+ award and leads the certification process in Artificial Intelligence

13.04.2021, Fraunhofer AWAM in the scientific structures supported by CCDR-N

07.04.2021, Aimed at people with rheumatic conditions, COTIDIANA project kicks off

08.03.2021, Welcoming Master Students

26.02.2021, EyesOnTraps on the field: sensors installed at vineyards in the Douro region

01.02.2021, OPERATOR: The human side of Industry 4.0

29.01.2021, SAIFFER - Artificial intelligence brings security to lone workers

12.01.2021, TexBoost – Innovative solution to improve surf performances




14.12.2020, TAMI - High-performing XAI systems for application in medicine

11.12.2020, AHEAD Portugal: 6 teams are making a run for creating FhP based technology startups

23.11.2020, Interactive game for geriatric rehabilitation uses gait analysis to adapt the intervention

16.11.2020, Pilot of the DERM.AI project kicks-off

29.10.2020, Technological solutions applied to health stand out in the final of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2020

16.10.2020, CodiEsp: AICOS team stands out in natural language processing competition

13.10.2020, Fraunhofer AICOS creates wearable to monitor athletes in real time

28.09.2020, Fraunhofer Portugal launches technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and innovation program - AHEAD Portugal

22.07.2020, Final Master Students Workshop

01.07.2020, EyesOnTraps: Mobile solution for plague prevention in the vineyards

17.06.2020, FRADE - Pervasive platform for fall detection, fall risk assessment and prevention

20.05.2020, OPERATOR project values human aspects and promotes the well-being of industry professionals

12.05.2020, LIFANA project encourages healthy eating habits and prevents malnutrition in the elderly

20.04.2020, FhP-AICOS adapts technologies to optimize industrial production lines within the scope of COVID-19

20.03.2020, Fraunhofer AICOS’ application for solid waste management, ORERA, is launched

18.03.2020, VITAAL: Interactive games for seniors help prevent urinary incontinence, falls and cognitive problems

09.03.2020, Hosting Master Students and encouraging Technology development



02.12.2019, AICOS’ technologies exposed at the largest international fair for the medical sector

31.10.2019, Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2019 - Awarded Ideas

30.09.2019, 10 years of Research of Practical Utility

18.09.2019, Fraunhofer Best Portuguese PhD/MSc Thesis in Biomedical Engineering Competition

18.09.2019, The President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft visited Fraunhofer Portugal

04.09.2019, US patent granted to Fraunhofer Portugal

03.07.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS present in Mozambique

03.07.2019, AICOS joins ProjectAfrica, funded by LEAP-AGRI, to leverage the potential of computer vision, sensor integration and smartphones in agriculture

03.07.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS present at the Medical School of the University of Porto

03.07.2019, Cooperation between Institutes is one of the core pillars of Fraunhofer’s success strategy

03.07.2019, The winners of the Fraunhofer Portugal Tech Transfer Awards 2019 have been revealed!

07.06.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS present at AI for Good Global Summit

12.04.2019, IoT technology developed at Fraunhofer AICOS showcased at Hannover Messe 2019

04.04.2019, Design Thinking explained in detail on AICOS’ Thursdays with Science

03.04.2019, Intelligent Systems’ of Fraunhofer AICOS competing in “Hackacity Porto 2019”

01.04.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS Intelligent Systems was featured in “Data science in (astro)particle physics and the bridge to industry Symposium 2019”

29.03.2019, Fraunhofer Portugal Tech Transfer Awards

28.3.2019, “How do your users talk about software” featured on Fraunhofer AICOS’ Thursdays with Science

22.03.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS’ expertise presented at the Priberam Machine Learning Lunch Seminars

21.03.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS’ 10th Anniversary

21.03.2019, AWAM – The New Fraunhofer Centre in Portugal, for smart agriculture and water management

14.03.2019, AICOS' experience within the Silver Economy market shared in the ICT4SILVER Final Event

11.03.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS’ projects CTFhP and MDevNet showcased at ACTTiVAte Workshop

08.03.2019, CogniPlay’s technology in the hands of end users

21.02.2019, My-AHA, an ICT platform for healthy ageing which counts with Fraunhofer AICOS as partner, received a 1st place award at the A&T International Fair Awards

21.02.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS hosted on February 12th the workshop "Prospection and Identification of Technologies with High Transfer Potential to the Market", under the scope of the MDevNet network

20.02.2019, Clockwork, a solution to tackle the challenges of shift workers, successfully finished its trials

13.02.2019, CogniPlay, Fraunhofer AICOS’ tablet-based cognitive gaming platform for seniors, showcased at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

11.02.2019, Joana Silva, Fraunhofer AICOS researcher, was one of the Speakers at the conference MYD'2019 – Mind Your Data

11.02.2019, Project ReHab, Fraunhofer AICOS cooperating with Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra to tackle cognitive and motor decline among seniors

05.02.2019, MalariaScope shortlisted as finalist at the international award ‘i3S-Hovione Capital Innovation Prize’

04.02.2019, TexBoost project showcased at the International Congress CIDESD 2019

02.02.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS’ scientific team is growing

01.02.2019, Liliana Ferreira invited as Keynote Speaker in the MAPi Seminar 2019

31.01.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS and Sonae MC join forces to bring nutritional intelligence to the kitchen

29.01.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS hosts CELFINET for a tailor made Machine Learning Workshop

28.01.2019, Fraunhofer AICOS’ expertise included in new book about technology and sustainability in Portugal and Europe

24.01.2019, DERM.AI, AICOS’ Decentralized Health Technologies serving the National Health Service

23.01.2019, Portuguese Value-Based Healthcare CoLAB, making the shift to value-based healthcare

15.01.2019, MDevNet wins Best Practices Award Infarmed 25+

11.01.2019, SV4D Deployment in Cabo Verde, Fraunhofer AICOS connecting the unconnected

11.01.2019, SV4D Workshop at Praia, Cabo Verde



05.12.2018, Fraunhofer AICOS hosts “Fórum Collective Transfer: Silver Economy”

16.11.2018, Representatives from the EIT Health were present at AICOS

14.11.2018, Fraunhofer technology developed for “personal safety in every situation” highlighted at the largest trade show for the medical sector

10.11.2018, AICOS’ Technology-Based Medical Devices flies from Portugal to the largest international fair for the medical sector

04.11.2018, Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2018 awarded the best ideas

02.11.2018, PhD developed at AICOS highlights the bond between research and academy

26.10.2018, Final results of the FallSensing project presented to the scientific and medical community

23.10.2018, MSc and PhD students compete for the podium at the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2018 Closing Event

17.10.2018, AICOS’ SousChef and Cordon Gris solutions were recognized by the Food & Nutrition Awards 2018

17.10.2018, Accurately tracking mobile signals indoors is the goal of new project at AICOS

03.10.2018, Fraunhofer Portugal amongst top rank in call to support scientific employment

25.09.2018, Researchers complete successful trial of SmartBEAT technology

20.09.2018, Citizens in Mocuba and Alto Molocue now connected to the internet thanks to SV4D project

20.09.2018, AICOS’ researcher presents paper at top Entertainment Computing conference

17.09.2018, DIATOMIC Network session supported by AICOS and MDevNet occurs on September 20th

06.08.2018, New project will use walking speed assessment for personalized interventions on geriatric giants

25.07.2018, New technological solution will use FhP-AICOS’ µSmartScope for cervical cancer screening

24.07.2018, AICOS’ researcher presents paper on how to bridge the gap between real-world falls data and simulated falls data at conference

20.07.2018, Hardware Development Kits: Emerging Trends and Technologies for IoT

18.07.2018, COLABORAR volunteers test FallSensing Clinical Application

09.07.2018, FhP-AICOS hosts successful first alumni event

06.07.2018, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS Master Students Workshop 2018

28.06.2018, FhP-AICOS’ industrial developments distinguished by the scientific community

26.06.2018, Open Day at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS highlights cooperation opportunities within Industry 4.0

21.06.2018, FhP-AICOS’ researcher presents paper on FallSensing as a customizable clinical tool at international conference

20.06.2018, FhP-AICOS’ new meal recommendation solution will tackle food allergies

19.06.2018, Clockwork: the solution that supports everyday life of shift workers is being tested in CUF hospitals

30.05.2018, Connecting the unconnected: Promoting universal access to internet and ICT in northern Mozambique

28.05.2018, FhP-AICOS nurtures young talent from Portuguese university

15.05.2018, MalariaScope’s potential through the eyes of Angolan health professional

14.05.2018, Fostering innovation in service design through network research

07.05.2018, Researchers represent FhP-AICOS at Hack for Good Porto and win 3rd place

04.05.2018, FhP-AICOS’ GoLiveClip technology wins Silver Economy Award

27.04.2018, SkinLesionsRS’ team showcases progress at RESOLVE’s final workshop

27.04.2018, Meeting of minds reveals common challenges in innovation

19.03.2018, FhP-AICOS welcomes MSc students and encourages the next generation of researchers

16.03.2018, MDevNet network identifies key issues and opportunities in the technology-based medical devices industry

14.03.2018, CPS Week 2018: Fraunhofer Portugal hosts Machine Learning Competition

08.03.2018, Women in applied research: from diversity flourishes innovation

27.02.2018, FhP-AICOS' competences at the service of Precision Agriculture

20.02.2018, Workshop examines the future of cooperation in precision agriculture and water management

19.02.2018, Fraunhofer signs cooperation agreement to establish new research centre in Portugal

11.02.2018, Fraunhofer Portugal hosts workshop dedicated to ‘Precision Agriculture and Water Management’

05.02.2018, FhP-AICOS leads knowledge transfer project to bridge gap between R&D and technology-based medical devices industry

02.01.2018, Deus ex Machina: Participants present results at end of year meeting



22.12.2017, Fostering early diagnosis through Medical Images drives new project led by FhP-AICOS’ industry partner F3M

22.12.2017, CPS Week 2018 - Competition proposal

12.12.2017, Fraunhofer and FCT reinforce collaboration in the field of Precision Agriculture

30.11.2017, FallSensing awarded Honourable Mention and 'Best Poster' at the 5th Active and Healthy Ageing Regional Conference

07.11.2017, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS named finalist of 'O Norte Somos Nós' Award

02.11.2017, Representatives from the Brazillian Network of International Business Centers visited FhP-AICOS

02.11.2017, GoLiveClip: the 'all in one' safety clip born in Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS reached the market this week

27.10.2017, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS signs cooperation protocol with Lobata District Council

25.10.2017, Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2017: Winners Revealed

12.10.2017, VISUM 2017 awards FhP-AICOS’ team with an Honourable Mention

11.10.2017, WGW4IoT: End of project with outstanding results

09.10.2017, SkinLesions amongst the finalists of the contest Born from Knowledge

19.09.2017, Liliana Ferreira on RTP3

19.09.2017, SV4D: promoting digital inclusion in Mozambique

15.09.2017, Network research: improving the competitiveness in organizations

11.09.2017, São Tomé and Príncipe: a suitable country for SV4D

07.09.2017, Liliana Ferreira: a new direction and future for Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS

01.09.2017, SV4D: presenting new ICT opportunities to Cape Verde

28.08.2017, Machine Learning @ Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS

18.08.2017, Mobile-based solution to optimize dermatological screening

02.08.2017, Knowledge Sharing: Two internal workshops on Machine Learning and Unity3D

26.07.2017, iBoccia: a simple game with huge outcomes for seniors

25.07.2017, ShopView: a solution for better operational process in retail stores

10.07.2017, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS Master Students Workshop 2017

29.06.2017, 10 cities and Fraunhofer Institute discuss the future of Smart Cities

23.06.2017, StepDetector: Interactive cognitive motor training with Pandlets

21.06.2017, Technological and scientific knowledge disseminated around the world

14.06.2017, Machine Learning @ Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS

12.06.2017, Hospital of the future: a forecast of health technologies

09.06.2017, TECNET: technological innovations and entrepreneurship gathered in a Business Camp

30.05.2017, MalariaScope, Pandlets and Active@Home in exhibition at Porto Innovation Hub

08.05.2017, Porto4Ageing: more than 90 institutions answer together to citizens needs

27.04.2017, SmartBEAT app: Prototype under construction to assist heart failure patients

26.04.2017, Technology co-developed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS tested in international pilot

21.04.2017, Technology developed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS exhibited in Hannover Messe

29.03.2017, More than 1.000 cultural contents available in ACP countries

10.03.2017, Researchers debate Internet of Nano Things in Braga

24.02.2017, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS signed a protocol with Ministry of Economy

14.02.2017, SV4D-MZ: Signature of Memorandum of Understanding initiates a new stage of development for the Digital Agenda of CPLP

13.02.2017, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS joins FIRST Solutions SA to improve diabetic retinopathy screening

08.02.2017, First results of FallSensing will be presented in Coimbra

08.02.2017, FhP AICOS promotes initiatives of technology and scientific knowledge transfer

01.02.2017, Mozambique will receive the first pilot related to Sustainable Village for Development project

27.01.2017, Active@Home on Porto Canal

26.01.2017, 2635998

25.01.2017, ShopView: an Automated Solution for all hypermarkets

12.01.2017, Can a smartphone assess the risk of falling while performing usual daily activities?

10.01.2017, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS applies Internet of Things into industrial environment

10.01.2017, ACP Street Libraries coordinated by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS benefits 20.000 children




29.11.2016, A “made in Portugal” technology for IoT growth

10.11.2016, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS develops new solution to extend physiotherapy at home

28.10.2016, Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2016 selects the best scientific ideas

01.09.2016, Porto is a Reference Site for Healthy Ageing in the European Union

26.08.2016, President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the Portuguese Minister of Science visit Fraunhofer Portugal

09.08.2016, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS develops high technology to optimize retailer’s product placement

11.07.2016, "A day with Pandlets", the most recent white paper from Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS

01.06.2016, Active@Home launched to prevent falls using traditional dances and Tai-Chi  training

16.05.2016, CordonGris launched to tackle elderly malnutrition in Europe

09.05.2016, My-AHA fights frailty in old age

06.05.2016, EyeFundusScope distinguished by Exame Informática

29.04.2016, Promoting an active and healthy ageing in Porto

27.04.2016, Kick off meeting: symbiotic technology for societal efficiency gains

19.04.2016, Pervasive daily monitoring from smartphone to wearables

13.04.2016, PIL excels once again at the Microsoft Indoor Location Competition

01.04.2016, SmartBEAT: European project aims to detect problems of heart failure

23.03.2016, Reuters names Fraunhofer as one of the World's Most Innovative Research Institutions

16.03.2016, 'PIL' solution on the run for the Microsoft Indoor Location Competition

11.03.2016, E-NO FALLS

25.02.2016, Bridging the gap between the academic and the professional worlds

19.02.2016, Portuguese Minister of Economy wants to strengthen the support to innovation

27.01.2016, Fraunhofer AICOS 360º approach on technology for falls detection, risk assessment and prevention




17.12.2015, One hundred seniors test technology by Fraunhofer AICOS

10.12.2015, FallSensing – Technological solution for fall risk screening and falls prevention

12.11.2015, ChefMyself in the final of the Innova eVIA awards

09.11.2015, ChefMyself workshop gathers Seniors in the kitchen

28.10.2015, New projects on active ageing on the horizon

22.10.2015, An improved version of the MalariaScope

20.10.2015, Fraunhofer Portugal showcased at the AAL Forum 2015

14.10.2015, KneeGraphy improves Osteoarthritis diagnosis

30.09.2015, Fraunhofer AICOS joins Europe-wide ‘Stay Strong and Stay Steady’ campaign to get the whole family involved in preventing falls among older people

24.09.2015, GOLIVEPHONE awarded for ‘Excellent Smart Health Innovation’

17.09.2015, Representatives from Bosch Germany visit Fraunhofer Portugal

24.07.2015, Debating fall detection and activity monitoring

21.07.2015, Master Students Workshop 2015

02.07.2015, SMARTSKINS – fostering early diagnosis of skin cancer

01.07.2015, ICT4D Competence Center Workshop

19.06.2015, ShopView project presented to the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science

29.05.2015, mWaterSafety tests in the Volvo Ocean Race

19.05.2015, Portuguese deputies at Fraunhofer Portugal

12.05.2015, Fraunhofer’s workshops at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

05.05.2015, EnAware: Domestic Energy Awareness

23.04.2015, ChefMyself – Beginning the trials in two countries

21.04.2015, Fraunhofer Portugal at the SCAS2015

17.04.2015, OurMoz wins World Bank’s #APPS4MAPUTO contest in Mozambique

16.04.2015, Fraunhofer Portugal awarded at the Microsoft Indoor Location Competition

13.04.2015, GoLiveWear: From proof of concept into the market

24.03.2015, Discussing prediction, detection and prevention of falls at the European Union Falls Festival

20.03.2015, AAL4ALL: presentation of results

11.03.2015, Fraunhofer AICOS provides professional experience to Master students

03.03.2015, REMPARK: Final workshop in Madrid

24.02.2015, European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing

20.02.2015, AAL4ALL: elderly test technology in Ambient Assisted Living

16.02.2015, Portugal 2020: Fraunhofer AICOS seeks partners within the industry

11.02.2015, COLABORAR: closer to end users

21.01.2015, euPAmHealth: Fraunhofer AICOS “builds” Caretaker Server




24.11.2014, Indoor hydroponic garden set up at Fraunhofer Portugal

19.11.2014, MobiHealth Conference: Fraunhofer Portugal presents a system for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

13.11.2014, Improving the quality of life of people affected by Parkinson

05.11.2014, Cooking session enlightens the elderly

30.11.2014, Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2014: and the winners are…

28.10.2014, mWaterSafety as an example of SMARTCOAST technologies

17.10.2014, SmartSurf: improving athletes’ performance

15.10.2014, TECNET: Hi-tech gathers companies and entrepreneurs

02.10.2014, Fraunhofer Portugal at the AAL Forum 2014

25.09.2014, Safety & Security

17.09.2014, Fall Competence Center on the web

08.09.2014, ChefMyself - new video on YouTube

05.09.2014, AAL Forum 2014

03.09.2014, Portuguese researchers develop accurate indoor system

22.07.2014, ChefMyself: Improving the project with users’ expertise

09.07.2014, Master Students Workshop 2014

08.07.2014, Fostering culture in developing countries

30.06.2014, “Prémio António Xavier” distinguishes the PhD Thesis of Inês Sousa

28.06.2014, Adapting technologies to physical rehabilitation

23.06.2014, Making life easier in developing countries

18.06.2014, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS’ researcher awarded in Vienna

13.06.2014, Network with more than 350 users reaches 1000 activities

11.06.2014, OurMOZ: a platform to foster eCommerce & eCitizens

23.05.2014, Low cost solution for hydroponic farms in South Africa and Mozambique

09.05.2014, GoLiveWear results in a sensor prototype

08.05.2014, Fraunhofer Portugal highlighted at the SAPO Codebits 2014

11.04.2014, Fraunhofer welcomes Master students

01.04.2014, Syndromic Surveillance R&D project led by Critical Software

28.03.2014, mWaterSafety - Mobile Solution for Safer Water Activities

25.03.2014, International experts debate on fall detection

06.02.2014, OUTSIDE

02.02.2014, Fall Competence Center Workshop




13.12.2013, Fraunhofer Portugal fosters leading technology

11.12.2013, ACP Street libraries

25.11.2013, MalariaScope's new prototype

22.11.2013, Market Introduction of “GoLive” Solutions

31.10.2013, Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2013 Winners

30.09.2013, AAL Forum 2013 Presence

20.09.2013, Fraunhofer Portugal launches Competence Centers

04.09.2013, Fraunhofer Portugal’s presence at the AAL Forum 2013

30.07.2013, REMPARK project: Tests with patients with Parkinson’s at Centro Médico Teknon, Barcelona

30.07.2013, ChefMySelf: A tablet and a kitchen robot working together to assist older adults

09.07.2013, Fraunhofer AICOS Master Students Workshop 2013

26.06.2013, Shopview Project

26.06.2013, Fraunhofer AICOS launches its end-user platform: Colaborar

28.05.2013, Fraunhofer Portugal is an Institutional partner of PhyCS 2014

08.04.2013, The Projective Handheld Augmented Reality - PHAR

01.04.2013, Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge awards innovation created in the Portuguese Universities

11.02.2013, Fraunhofer AICOS in the finalists of the GSMA mWomen Design Challenge




21.12.2012, Portuguese young researcher awarded in the “Oscars” of the Mobile Apps

21.12.2012, Design Patterns for Mobile User Interfaces Targeted at Older Adults – Roxanne Leitão Thesis

06.12.2012, AAL4ALL participate in PORTUGAL MAIOR - International Conference for Active Ageing

06.12.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS and “Android for Developing” was highlighted in “Information Economy Report, 2012”

22.11.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal in AFRICOMM 2012

09.11.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal Director awarded with the international “Galileo Master 2012”

06.11.2012, Fraunhofer honored for its winning satellite navigation ideas

30.09.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer AICOS participates in the E-NO Falls Network

26.09.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - AlzNav nominated for the World Summit Award (WSA)

31.08.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - AAL4ALL Project First Results

21.08.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge: End of First Phase

30.07.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - SavEnergy Project

13.07.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer AICOS Master Students Workshop 2012

21.06.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Members of Bavarian Parliament to Visit Fraunhofer AICOS

24.05.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - pHealth 2012 Conference – 26-28 June in Porto

22.05.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Honorable Mention for PostboxWeb at the Vodafone Mobile Data Challenge 2012

30.04.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - AICOS’ researcher wins Best PhD Dissertation Award in PROPOR 2012

20.04.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Project User's Network

11.04.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer AICOS visited by members of the German Federal Parliament

27.03.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer AICOS participates in Conference “European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging: From Plan to Action"

08.03.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal Headquarters wins "Building of the Year 2011"

24.02.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Global Research Alliance ICT4D project for rural Zambia launched

22.02.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal Headquarters Finalist in the "Building of the Year Awards 2011"

08.02.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Smart Companion Awarded in "Prémio Zon Criatividade 2011"

01.02.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Book “Health Information Systems” co-authored by AICOS’ Researchers

25.01.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer AICOS at CES 2012 with "Dance! Don't Fall"

20.01.2012, Exame Informática - Interview with Dirk Elias




28.12.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Smart Companion running for “Prémio Zon 2011"

26.12.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal Christmas Solidarity Initiative

22.12.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - AlzNav App Finalist at Vodafone International Contest

30.11.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer AICOS new project: S4S

22.11.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal in AFRICOMM 2011

11.11.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer AICOS new project: Fall Prevention

08.11.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - AAL4ALL - Official Launching Ceremony

21.10.2011, Exame Informática - And the Fraunhofer Challenge winners are...

21.10.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2011 - Awarded ideas

06.10.2011, Fraunhofer Portgual - Fraunhofer Portugal qualified as Vale I&DT entity

06.10.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal's presence in AAL Forum 2011

12.09.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal in INTERACT 2011

01.08.2011, RTP - Smart Companion in RTP

28.07.2011, Porto Canal - Smart Companion in Porto Canal

16.07.2011, Semanário Expresso - Fraunhofer Portugal in Expresso Emprego

08.07.2011, Correio da Manhã - Fraunhofer Portugal in Correio da Manhã

08.07.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Time-lapse Video of Fraunhofer Portugal's Relocation Project

07.06.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal Management Report 2010

03.05.2011, CCILA - Fraunhofer Portugal featured in CCILA Video

21.04.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal's New Office Locations

05.04.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - AAL4ALL Project

28.03.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2011

28.03.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal in FEUP First Job 2011

17.02.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal New Website

10.02.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal - GSMA Mobile World Congress 2011

18.01.2011, Sapo Notícias - C&W selected for the remodeling of Fraunhofer Portugal's new offices




24.11.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal participating in AFRICOMM 2010

24.11.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal participating in II Feira de Emprego Científico

02.11.2010, Jornal Público - Investigator creates program that detects and corrects errors in telecommunications

04.10.2010, Universidade do Porto - Fraunhofer Prize to PhD from FCUP

30.09.2010, Jornal de Negócios - Jumping from the academic to the business world

15.09.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge - Closing Event

03.09.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal’s presence in the AAL Forum 2010

18.06.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - EU Policy Workshop

16.06.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal participating on ABRA Workshop

09.06.2010, Jornal de Negócios - International Partnerships - Investigate at home, as it's done abroad

04.06.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal and ON.2 sign financing contract for the Relocation Project

29.05.2010, Diário de Notícias - SMS alert system in case of elderly fall

24.05.2010, Jornal de Notícias - "Guiding" tourists through the transport network by SMS

13.05.2010, Porto Canal - Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge in Porto Canal

04.05.2010, Antena 1 - Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge in radio Antena 1

30.04.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - AAL EU Policy Workshop - Event Registration

30.04.2010, Jornal de Negócios - Accidents with elderly can be minimized with the reach of a mobile phone

27.04.2010, MCTES - CCILA distinguishes Fraunhofer Portugal partnership

25.04.2010, Jornal Público - Portugal has new weapons to stop its “brain drain”

12.04.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2010 - Submit your Idea!

01.04.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal in the AAL4ALL Project

31.03.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal Management Report 2009

29.03.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal launches the A4D initiative in Mozambique

26.03.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal declared as 'Pessoa Colectiva de Utilidade Pública'

26.02.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - FhP Relocation Project approved for funding by ON.2

28.01.2010, Fraunhofer Portugal - Andalusia Government Representatives visit FhP




22.12.2009, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - Fraunhofer President “Manager of the Year 2009"

06.12.2009, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal in AFRICOMM 2009

02.12.2009, Fraunhofer Portugal - Mover in 5th place in the Android Developer Challenge II

21.10.2009, Embaixada da Alemanha - Fraunhofer public presentation ceremony in Porto

30.09.2009, Fraunhofer Portugal - Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS Public Presentation Ceremony

31.08.2009, Fraunhofer Portugal - Mover Submitted to the Android Developer Challenge II

10.07.2009, Health Cluster Portugal - AAL4ALL Kick-off Meeting

09.07.2009, Jornal de Notícias - State of the art technology helps traffic

08.07.2009, CMP - Urban mobility project is born in Porto

02.04.2009, Fraunhofer Portugal - TAnDI beta – Android Distributed Information

30.03.2009, TSF - Fraunhofer Portugal's Director interviewed by TSF

23.03.2009, Fraunhofer Portugal - Polaroid revisited: Fraunhofer Portugal's "Family Photo"

07.03.2009, Correio da Manhã - Visit: Cavaco makes a positive balance of his mandate and trip to Germany

06.03.2009, Jornal de Notícias - Fraunhofer Institute promises to generate employment

05.03.2009, Presidency of the Portuguese Republic - President visited Fraunhofer's head offices, in Munich

05.03.2009, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - Press Release: Portugal is our partner

02.03.2009, Jornal Público - Fraunhofer and UPTEC will move this summer to their new home in the Asprela Campus

30.01.2009, Fraunhofer Portugal - Request for Quotations - Turnkey Solution for Fraunhofer Portugal Offices




11.12.2008, Jornal Público - Porto participates in the development of a trash collection system using sensors

11.12.2008, CMP - CMP and Fraunhofer Portugal sign protocol

09.12.2008, Jornal de Notícias - Groundbreaking waste management system will be tested in Porto

29.06.2008, Jornal Público - Cluster will be officially approved by the government until the end of the year

08.04.2008, Jornal de Negócios - Fraunhofer Portugal negotiates with telecommunications giants

20.02.2008, Jornal Público - Fraunhofer admits to grow in Portugal




16.07.2007, Jornal Público - From Porto to the World: Fraunhofer invests in "intelligent environments"

11.07.2007, Jornal Público - Fraunhofer Institute stays in Porto

11.07.2007, Jornal de Notícias - MP3 fathers choose Porto for their subsidiary office

10.07.2007, Jornal de Notícias - Fraunhofer Institute will be located near Universidade do Porto

19.04.2007, Jornal Público - The biggest European network in applied research will set up in Portugal

19.04.2007, Jornal de Notícias - Science with a promised future investment