On the 12th of December, Fraunhofer AICOS will be hosting a guided visit to the laboratories of the research centre and a showcase of AICOS’ technologies applied to health and well-being, specially prepared for people with more than 65 years old.


The idea that technology is only intended for the younger generation is still present in the minds of some elderlies. This “Mostra de Tecnologia” event in addition to the opportunity given to seniors to contact with AICOS’ technologies, aims to prove to the senior population that technology is not just for the younger people, and intends also to demonstrate that exists an effective connection between them and technology, which is taken into account in the work developed by AICOS.

The initiative will unroll in two different moments. First, the seniors will visit the facilities and contact with the place where AICOS’ innovative work is developed, through a guided visit to the laboratories of the centre.

In the second moment, the participants will have access to a showcase of the most recent AICOS’ technologies applied to mobile health innovation, active aging, well-being and literacy.  In order to better explain the research and development component of each technology, AICOS’ research methodologies and user tests carried out throughout the course of the projects will be highlighted within the visit.

During the event, the participants will have the opportunity to clarify all their doubts, by presenting theirs questions to AICOS’ researchers, who will be present accompanying the entire visit and showcases.

AICOS invites who wish to participate in this event, to submit the registration through the following e-mail or phone number: colaborar@fraunhofer.pt / 220 430 347.