This Thursday, November 2nd, a group of representatives from the Brazilian Network of International Business Centers (CIN Network) visited Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS and had the opportunity to get to know the activity and work of the research center, operated by Fraunhofer Portugal.

Coordinated nationally by National Confederation of the Industry (CNI), the official and highest-level organization representing Brazilian industry, the Brazilian Network of International Business Centers (CIN Network) is currently carrying out a set of international prospecting actions for Brazilian companies in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT),

FhP-AICOS, being an institution of reference in the ICT area, was included in the delegation's tour plan. With these visits, the CIN Network aims to identify partners, institutions and companies capable of supporting the internationalization strategy of technological companies from Brazil and to promote new business relationships in global markets.

The group visited the premises, talked with researchers, and got to know some of the applied research work developed at FhP-AICOS.