ALIAS – Ambient Lighting Integrated Assistance System


The goal of this thesis is the development of a personalised wireless ambient lighting for assistive environments. The main idea is to use ambient lighting as a communication channel and as a health support system. This should be provided by using ‘Philips Hue’ Personal Wireless Lighting system. The system will be mainly composed by a web portal and an Android module, which will allow for configuration of the system and to interoperate with ‘Philips Hue’ bridge (which controls the lights). This enables the possibility of configuring and interacting with the system from anywhere.



A web portal which allows the users to easily:

> Design scenes (configuration of a light or group of lights, including their colour, intensity, blink, etc.);

> Add channels to service providers (which will be the source of triggers), likewise the programming model of IFTTT (If This Then That – The portal should provide a plugin system so that new channels can easily be developed and added/removed;

> Define triggers, like a medication reminder, a call, a sms, an alert, a timer, a fall, etc. Triggers may also be health related, for instance when there’s a new health condition (manually provided or based on vital sign measurements);

> Create recipes where they can associate triggers to scenes, likewise the programming model of IFTTT;

> Manually change the status of the lighting.

An Android module integrated in the Smart Companion configuration allowing the users to assign alarms to preconfigured scenes/lights.


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