Email Visualization

A Context-based Approach


Email has become a widespread communication medium. Email is persistent medium (i.e. email messages remain on people’s accounts for years) and people frequently search through it in order to retrieve information.

Despite these characteristics that make email amiable to data mining and visualization, very few systems provide an interactive visualization for browsing and searching.

First, the student must complete a thorough investigation into the existing email visualization systems – thus becoming an expert in the area. Next, the student will develop a system that visualizes users’ emails for a number of purposes (to be agreed, depending on the results of the investigation).

For instance, the visualizations may be used to convey aggregated information to the user, or it may be used to quickly find a specific email that the user is looking for. Ideally, the system should also let the user explore their emails and derive new knowledge and insights about the communications and relationships with other people.

As part of the project, the students must evaluate her/his proposed visualization. This means testing the system with real users, and observing whether or not the system has a positive impact (for e.g. in terms of speed, efficiency, and satisfaction).


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