Health Monitoring of Elderly Persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions in the Home Environment

Elderly persons with multiple chronic conditions are most of the times sent to live in institutions that have health professionals looking after them.

Another solution could be to monitor the health condition of these elderly persons remotely, improving their quality of life and increasing their freedom and safety.

In order to achieve this goal the deployed solution should be reliable, managed remotely, and should use a common Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) broadband access router.

The SOHO-router will work has a communication bridge between the sensors and the remote caregivers professionals.

The SOHO-router will run a framework called OSGi that will enable the applications or services to be remotely installed, started, stopped, updated and uninstalled without requiring a reboot.

The objective of this thesis is to develop a service for the OSGi framework that will be able to collect data from an ECG sensor and analyse the observation patterns.

The sensor is connected through Bluetooth to the router and is necessary to develop a service to collect the ECG data. A second service will be developed to analyse the ECG observation pattern and to export the data to a remote caregiver.


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