LandDemarc – Land Demarcation


The demarcation of land is one of the earliest human activities, and its importance is transversal to many working areas. Today in Europe the demarcation of properties is quite simple to achieve and is performed by a competent team (usually working for government), but in the African continent those entities usually do not exist and the demarcation of land and properties is not properly documented. Recently, the World Bank has manifested the necessity of accurate land demarcation in Africa, considering it an issue of extreme importance for the evolution of the communities: ’Modern, efficient and transparent land administration systems are important in reduce poverty, and promoting growth and sustainable development’.

In this project, we developed a mobile app with territorial demarcation functionalities:

> Capture sets of geographical coordinates (with minimal error);

> Use geographical coordinates to map territorial areas (delimit a certain area in a map);

> Synchronize the captured information with a remote server, so it can be easily accessed and visualized by the competent authorities (for instance governmental entities).

This project also had an interesting scientific goal: to find a way of minimize the GPS+Glonas+Network location error, in order to make it viable for land demarcation, where precision is really important, even if it is needed some extra hardware or the combination of multiple smartphones or sensors.



The main outcome of this project was a proof-of-concept application for land demarcation, adapted to the African context, combining several smartphones for coordinates capture. This coordinates were synchronized and analysed in a server, being the result a visual territory demarcation.


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