MotoMask – Motorcycle HUD for navigation, communication and performance monitoring


Smartphones on motorcycles and dedicated motorcycle navigation systems currently are not satisfying in many ways. This project followed a different approach based on a set of available hardware components (phone, Bluetooth headset, head up display (HUD), wristband controller, optionally a helmet camera), combining them through a software solution designed specifically for the needs of motorcycle riders.

The following features were implemented:

> Navigation information from the phones navigation (Google based) getting displayed in the drivers HUD (in different visualizations like an ordinary map, or as instructions in combination with animated symbols);

> Tour tracking (to record, comment and save a tour to redo, or share with other users. Optionally with multimedia support from the helmet camera);

> Call Handling for incoming and outgoing calls (using the HUD, the BT headset, and the wrist controller);

> Automatic crash detection and emergency calls (including GPS location and additional parameters (driver, blood group etc.);

> Drive performance logging (logging speed, acceleration etc.) and (if possible) to connect to on board diagnosis systems.



The main outcome of this project is a software solution, that combined with the already referred hardware components, creates a system that serves almost as an on board computer built with the motorcycle riders' needs in mind. It concentrates the relevant information in a screen near the user's eye, and allows easy interaction, through the remote controller in a safe and comfortable way.


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