MoverGami - Gamification on Users Daily Activities

Gamification relies on the use of game elements in everyday scenarios in order to drive engagement and interest to usually more boring tasks.

Considering the solutions already developed by Fraunhofer AICOS, the Mover application, we are currently able to track user’s activity levels and even identify some of the activities performed. Being so, we believe that the usage of gamification methodologies can add some extrinsic motivation to the user, getting the users to become even more active.

The purpose of this project was to develop a gamification framework for Mover, performing a detailed study on the impact it would have in the user’s daily living. This gamification framework includes badges, rankings, goals, achievements and social networking. The framework also includes some machine learning techniques in order to automatically generate challenges according to the user’s activities.           

Android app able to apply game elements (badges, achievements, challenges, rankings, etc.) in Mover data. Backend where the gamification framework can be managed (create badges, etc.).


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