Personal Health Channel

Europe’s demographic pyramid is inverting at an ever-growing pace, bringing along drastic consequences to social security. The active workforce can no longer provide for the senior citizens.

To revert this situation, which puts this increasing age group at risk, the social system must undergo a paradigm shift in order to cut costs and at the same time guarantee high standards of elder healthcare. Telemedicine is one of the most promising areas in this context.

This project’s core is strongly connected to telemedicine and was developed in the context of eCAALYX.

One of the eCAALYX components is the Personal Health Channel, a software application that enables users to manage their health and to streamline communication with the health services.

The main goal of this project was to perform a comparative study of the available technological tools to develop and deploy the Personal Health Channel using COTS solutions.

An in-depth analysis of these tools was performed in order to understand how they can be leveraged to pursue the project’s goals.


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