Phone Based Heart and Lung Function Monitor for Elderly People

Modern smartphones are well suited due to the set of sensors and possibility to install additional SW to be used as mobile e-health (also called m-health) devices.

The target of this thesis is to connect a low cost stethoscope microphone to the hands-free audio connector of the phone and to develop software that will allow specifically elderly people to perform every-day tests of their heart and lung functions. (heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing noises, etc.).

Very special attention shall be given to the fact that the users will be aging and elderly people, so not only a user friendly interface, but also an ‘interactive’ user manual that will guide the users through the tests will be needed.

In addition the phone shall pre-process (either locally or by cloud computing) the results of the test in order to build a history of results and to match the results with a ‘health pattern’ that characterizes a ‘healthy and safe’ status.

Functions to exchange the test results with health care professionals shall be implemented as well, preferably using HL7.

The target device to be used will be an Android based smart phone.


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