New patent granted to FhP-AICOS’ solution


Fraunhofer Portugal was granted a European patent (EP3695775A1) on a Smartphone-based handheld optical device and method for capturing non-mydriatic retinal images.



FhP-AICOS: semi-finalist discovery award winner by the Longitude Prize on Dementia


The awarded solution proposed by the team consists of a ubiquitous, modular, artificial intelligence-powered human activity recognition solution, including a smartwatch and a smartphone app for people with dementia, a desktop app for formal and informal caregivers, and a repository of procedural tasks.



The Fraunhofer Thaler Award


FhP-AICOS’ Director and President of the Executive Board of Fraunhofer Portugal, Liliana Ferreira, was granted the prestigious Fraunhofer Thaler Award. By the hands of Johann Feckl, the award was granted for “outstanding leadership and significant achievements in the field of applied research".



From Grape to Glass: How AI is Revolutionizing Vineyard Management


Producers and entrepreneurs in the Demarcated Douro Region (DDR) now have at their disposal a mobile technology with AI for monitoring pests in vineyards, which is one of the biggest threats to the Region's wine sector.



Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence applied to Industry 4.0: "It is an added value, both on a personal level and for the company"


Recently, two studies have been carried out at the premises of partner Plastaze using Glarvision, a software application for process digitalization that includes AR. 



FhP-AICOS instals sensing units’ prototypes


These deployments happened as part of the mobilizing project "City Catalyst - Catalyst for sustainable cities" which aims to investigate and develop new products, processes, and services with high potential, contributing to an integrated urban management, efficient and innovation-catalysing.



Industry 4.0: Pilot with 15 workers kicks-off in a clothing manufacturer


For two weeks, 15 workers from a clothing manufacturer took part in a pilot aimed at collecting data throughout their working day. The technology used was developed by FhP-AICOS as part of a study that intends to support and encourage the industry in the digital transformation process.



Honourable Mention awarded to technology developed by FhP-AICOS


The Award Inovação Tecnológica Engenheiro Jaime Filipe distinguishes the work that contributes the most to improving the quality of life of People with Disabilities. 



AISYM4MED – Synthetic and Scalable Data Platform for Medical Empowered AI


The AISYM4MED project will address data privacy and security issues by combining new anonymization techniques and privacy measures. This will allow the use of diversified datasets from several countries safeguarding the security of the data.



FhP-AICOS team awarded for Best WIP Paper for Emerging Technologies


The paper has been published in the scope of the PhD of Carlos Resende, and also as a result of the work developed on the ongoing project City Catalyst. Senior researcher, Waldir Moreira Júnior, and Luís Almeida, Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at FEUP, are co-authors.



FhP-AICOS hosts DEI/FEUP in a meeting to foster cooperation and knowledge


During the informal gathering, there was a brief presentation of the main activity areas of FhP-AICOS, with demonstration of solutions that illustrate our work and competences.

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