AUGMANITY - Augmented Humanity


In order to respond to the social challenges triggered by the development of technology, the AUGMANITY project emerged, aiming at developing and implementing a coordinated strategy between industrial partners and research organizations, whose activity is essentially based on three pillars: science and technological development; internalization of knowledge and technology by owners; and their use by potential end users. 



Challenge 2021 - The ideas pushing towards a sustainable future


An innovative system of energy harvesting and “greener” electronic devices were the ideas awarded at the final of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge, pushing towards a more sustainable future.



Derm.AI wins HINTT Award in the category of Clinical Outcomes


Developed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS (FhP-AICOS) together with Serviços Partilhados do Ministério da Saúde (SPMS) and the entities IPO Coimbra, CHUP and ULS Guarda, the Derm.AI project was the big winner of the sixth edition of the HINTT Awards in the category of Clinical Outcomes.



Submissions open for the Data Scientist Specialized in Data Analytics Training Course


The new training relies on FhP-AICOS’ expertise in Intelligent Systems, with knowledge in areas such as Signal and Image Processing, and Machine Learning, nuclear to the development of systems capable of perceive, analyse, learn, and support decision making.



Master Students 2021 – Final Workshop


Knowing that the passage from an academic environment to the business market is very often a stressful period, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS wants to provide a middle ground to young master students, allowing them to develop their research projects in a professional environment and in close collaboration with the FhP-AICOS’ team.



AINANOTEC – Bringing AI, Nanotechnology and ICT ideas into the market


The new programme – with applications open until the 3rd of September - aims to support the creation of 15 disruptive startups with highly qualified work. 



City Catalyst - Catalyst for sustainable cities


Within the City Catalyst project, FhP-AICOS is responsible for proposing and implementing the sensing infrastructure and sensing gateway, as well as helping in the development of the open innovation platform following a co-creation approach.



Mobilizing Agendas boost knowledge production and technology transfer in Portugal


On the 23rd of June, Prime Minister António Costa and the Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition, Pedro Siza Vieira, presented at Porto Business School the «PRR Programs - Mobilizing Agendas for Entrepreneurial Innovation».



Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2021 – “Innovative Technologies for Sustainability”


Innovative ideas that can give rise to technological solutions with practical utility and an impact on society. This is the focus of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge, an idea contest organized since 2010 with the aim of awarding the best ideas, based on MSc and PhD theses, carried out in Portuguese universities.



OPERATOR - Technology integrated in fabrics allows to analyze workers' posture and prevent ergonomic risks


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS research center (FhP-AICOS) developed a prototype integrated in textiles that, in a more natural and organic way, allows detecting repetitive movements that could cause ergonomic problems to workers.



SINATRA: Applying augmented reality to Industry 4.0


This project will allow the consortium to combine the knowledge between the different technical and scientific valences in order to develop an innovative, robust and versatile solution, able to streamline and facilitate industrial preventive and corrective processes.

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