Derm.AI: FhP-AICOS develops digital solution that speeds up early diagnosis for skin cancer


Researchers from Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS have developed a digital solution with the aim of making the process of referencing skin lesions more efficient. The technology that results from the Derm.AI project consists of two components: a mobile application and an Artificial Intelligence software.



Digital transformation: optimizing and improving


Optimizing processes, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving employees’ performances are some of the goals when it comes to digital transformation. For FhP-AICOS’ competencies in this field, a new technological solution is on track aiming to automatize traditionally manual processes, resulting in time and cost saving.



Project AFRICA: FhP-AICOS develops sensing platform to provide information on the state of the soil


FhP-AICOS’ participation in the project consisted of the development of an IoT sensing platform with the goal of supporting a green-energy driven technology solution to allow the on-site, cost-affordable fertiliser production to small-scale farmers in Africa. 



LoRa4UProbes – aiming for a sustainable use of water


The project, under development, is aligned with the Internet of Things (IoT) concept and can be easily integrated in different irrigation contexts such as precision farming use cases. LoRa4UProbes aims to contribute to a sustainable use of water.



ParentCoach: An interactive chatbot for first-time parents


The ParentCoach project consists of an interactive chatbot that will provide accurate - easy-to-understand - information, giving the necessary support in postnatal healthcare. The goal is to avoid bigger health problems or complications in the future.



Master Students 2022 - Welcome Workshop


As tradition dictates, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS has welcomed a group of Master Students who are now starting their projects and will have the opportunity to do it in a more professional ambient, side by side with experienced researchers and experts in their field of work.



Workshop in Machine Learning


The one-day session, organized by PRODUTECH within the DISRUPTIVE project, took place at FhP-AICOS’ premises and counted on its specialists to mentor and introduce the audience to several concepts.



Fraunhofer Portugal granted a new patent


Fraunhofer Portugal was recently granted a European patent (EP3758023B1 ) on a method and device for assessing the physical movement of an operator at manufacturing workstations.



Public service as a Living LAB_2nd Edition


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS research centre, together with LabX – Centro para a inovação no Setor Público and IPDJ – Instituto Português da Juventude, has tested different initiatives and technologies at Coimbra’s Ponto JA store.



Berthold Butscher - Obituary


It is a sorrowful moment for Fraunhofer Portugal as we mourn the passing of our beloved friend and Executive Board member, Berthold Butscher.



Workshop on “Intellectual Property Applied to Algorithms for Medical Devices and Smart Health Sector”


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS has the pleasure to invite you to the most recent workshop, organized under the Smart Health Network project.

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