Scientific Areas

Human-Centred Design

We need to understand the realms where technology operates and will operate, including current and future users’ practices. We need to engage stakeholders in the design of digital technology and to employ best methods for co-design. We need to design meaningful human-technology interactions and to measure the impact that technologies may have in people’s lives, including their health. This is the role of the scientific area of Human-Centred Design (HCD).



Intelligent Systems

We need responsible AI in critical fields of our lives, realizing the full beneficial potential of increasingly ubiquitous technologies, such as computer vision, time series and natural language processing. We need to guarantee data quality in AI, to assure robust, accurate and efficient models, and develop solutions that perform well and subsist in real-world settings. This is the role of the scientific area of Intelligent Systems (IS).



Connected Things

We need reliable, affordable, scalable and resource efficient IoT solutions through which AI is delivered to people. We need sustainable cyber-physical solutions. We need distributed computation that guarantees energy-efficiency, data quality and privacy. We need to guarantee quality assurance and regulatory compliance in technologies developed by AICOS and to support our partners in these processes. This is the role of the scientific area of Connected Things (CT).