FhP-AICOS welcomes MSc students and encourages the next generation of researchers



Every year Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS (FhP-AICOS) welcomes promising students interested in doing their master's thesis in collaboration with our researchers. Last Thursday FhP-AICOS’ Director, Liliana Ferreira, and the centre’s team welcomed 16 students, who will benefit from this opportunity and in turn enrich our work in research with new ideas and fresh perspectives.


The students originate from various higher education institutions, namely, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, and University of Aveiro. The students will develop research work in the scientific areas in which FhP-AICOS is specialized, and will have the opportunity for professional and personal development in an innovative working environment.

Like in previous years, the students were invited to join a Welcome Workshop, in order to ease their integration and become acquainted with some of the most relevant procedures followed by the organization. Liliana Ferreira, FhP-AICOS’ Director, greeted this years’ cohort and highlighted that "FhP-AICOS is committed to the creation of a vibrant research atmosphere that can make a difference in your future career. We hope you make the most of it".

Throughout the years over 130 dissertation projects have been developed at FhP-AICOS. Since its founding, Fraunhofer Portugal has made a significant contribution to providing young people with high-quality qualifications, by hosting these young professionals and allowing them to come in contact with application-oriented research. The organization has made it a priority to help students - and all employees – to maximize their development while here, by proving them with excellent qualifications and valuable experiences.