CogniPlay, Fraunhofer AICOS’ tablet-based cognitive gaming platform for seniors, showcased at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa



Ana Vasconcelos, Fraunhofer AICOS’ researcher, showcased AICOS’ project CogniPlay, at an event hosted by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML), dedicated to technologies for seniors and people with reduced mobility.


CogniPlay was one of the projects highlighted in this years’ edition of the event “Jornada Tecnológica – Encontro de Demonstração de Tecnologia para Idosos e Pessoas com Mobilidade Reduzida” (meeting for demonstration of technology for seniors and people with reduced mobility), hosted by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

CogniPlay first mention was in the presentation of the results of project “TEC-Conhecimento: Da estratégia do Tec-Conhecimento para o Tec-Acessibilidade” (from Tec-Knowledge to Tec-Accessibility), made by João Mariano (CISISCTE-IUL), that made CogniPlay available to 121 seniors from SCML in order to promote their interaction with technology, measure acceptance and monitor technology’s impact in their daily lives.

Afterwards, Ana Vasconcelos participated in a debate under the theme “O Futuro da Utilização de Tecnologias” (the future of technology use), followed by an open session were all the technologies present at the event were showcased.

CogniPlay is a tablet-based gaming platform that provides cognitive stimulation through games targeting several different areas of the cognitive domain, with its primary audience being the senior population. This platform was created to act as a first step in senior’s experience and interaction with new technological devices. Designed for tablets, CogniPlay offers an enjoyable gaming and social experience to the user.

The platform carries multiple game modes including a single-player mode where seniors create their own personal profile, enabling them to record their game scores and achieve a top position in the leaderboards, which motivates them and allows for a healthy competitive environment. CogniPlay has undergone extensive usability testing with older adults, having resulted in a solution that meets senior’s needs and specific characteristics, considering both their capabilities and limitations.


Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) is a private institution of public interest which, with the mission to provide fundamental support to the underprivileged and therefore improve the quality of life of those less fortunate in our population, intervenes today in areas such as social support, health care provision, education and cultural patronage. In order to achieve the purposes laid out in its bylaws, SCML also encourages the performance of studies and research in the areas which it functions.


CogniPlay Project Description