Joana Silva, Fraunhofer AICOS researcher, was one of the Speakers at the conference MYD'2019 – Mind Your Data



Joana Silva, Fraunhofer AICOS’ researcher of the Intelligent Systems team was one of the Speakers in the MYD'2019, taking part in a Data Science panel speaking about BioData and presenting different perspectives regarding the use of Data Science applied to Biology and Health.


Joana Silva showcased some of the projects of AICOS’ portfolio item “Motion – Understanding Human Movement”, demonstrating the centre's expertise in this area of advanced inertial sensors data processing, for recognising human activities and characterising movements.

The Motion portfolio uses advanced inertial sensors’ data processing techniques for recognising human activities and characterising movements in free-living conditions. This non-restricted human motion analysis is extremely relevant in several contexts, for example, in the detection of life-threatening events, such as falls of older adults and vulnerable segments of the population, in assessing their risk of falling or other functional declines. In the context of human activity monitoring, the problem of giving feedback during the execution of specific daily living activities in real-world settings is also addressed by Motion technology, bringing human motion analysis outside of the lab.

The ‘MYD - Mind Your Data’ conference, on his 2nd edition, was held at the University of Coimbra, under the moto ‘sharing data with you’. This is an initiative organised by ‘JEST – Junior Enterprise for Science and Technology’ of the University of Coimbra, which mission is to develop training initiatives for students, in the area of Data Science.


Fraunhofer AICOS Portfolio – Motion