Liliana Ferreira invited as Keynote Speaker in the MAPi Seminar 2019



Fraunhofer AICOS’ Director, Liliana Ferreira, was the Keynote Speaker at the inaugural edition of the MAPi Seminar (MAPiS), a scientific meeting in the field of Computer Science whose main target audience are MAPi associated researchers and research groups, MAPi Ph.D. students and Ph.D. students in general.


In the presence of an audience mostly composed by researcher and Ph.D. students, Liliana Ferreira took the opportunity to showcase some of the current innovation areas of AICOS and its impact on people’s lives. From the opportunities and challenges in the development and implementation of decentralized and accountable health solutions to Cognitive Connected Solutions, Accountable Artificial Intelligence, Digital Farming or Living and Ageing with Data.

In its first edition, held in Aveiro, Portugal, the seminar included topics in Computer Science, Information Systems and Computing Methodologies in general in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Management Systems, Deep Learning and Machine Learning, Emerging Technologies, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Theory, Networks, Security and Privacy, and Software Engineering.

The MAPiS is an initiative organized by the University of Minho, the University of Aveiro, the University of Porto and the MAPi - Doctoral Programme in Computer Science.