MalariaScope shortlisted as finalist at the international award ‘i3S-Hovione Capital Innovation Prize’



Fraunhofer AICOS’ project ‘MalariaScope – Automatic Detection of Malaria in Blood Smears Using Smartphones’ was one of the eight finalists at the i3S-Hovione Capital Innovation Prize, an international award aimed at distinguishing innovative ideas in the health sector.


MalariaScope, a technology for automatic detection of malaria in blood smears using smartphones, is an affordable and automated alternative to current microscopes, that can easily be used in the field, even by non-technical staff, with embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence) that provides a pre-diagnosis of malaria.

The i3S-Hovione Capital Innovation Prize is an annual initiative aiming to award innovative projects delivering medical devices, diagnostics or patient compliance monitoring tests/technologies for health and biomedicine diagnostics.

This public distinction reinforces the potential of the technology-based medical devices developed by AICOS, underlining one of the Centre’s innovation areas, Decentralized Health Technologies, and the impact that can cause in business and society.

The technology developed under the scope of MalariaScope is already being applied in two other Fraunhofer AICOS’ projects: ‘CLARE – Computer-Aided Cervical Cancer Screening‘, in partnership with INESC-Porto, that aims to create a novel framework that can be used as a Decision Support System for the screening of Cervical Cancer; and ‘MpDs – Medical Pre-diagnostic System’, in partnership with F3M – Information System S.A., which aims at building a mobile solution that addresses the various needs of collecting and processing medical images in order to support diagnostic in several clinical contexts, namely: analysis of skin moles and ulcers; and analysis of blood samples. 


MalariaScope Project Description

Clare Project Description

MpDs Project Description


Project ‘MalariaScope – Automatic Detection of Malaria in Blood Smears Using Smartphones’ in as initiative co-funded by ‘CCDRN – Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Norte’, ‘NORTE 2020 – Programa Operacional Regional do Norte’, ‘Portugal 2020’ and the European Union through the ‘FEDER – Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional’.


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