My-AHA, an ICT platform for healthy ageing which counts with Fraunhofer AICOS as partner, received a 1st place award at the A&T International Fair Awards



The My-AHA project won the “Research & University” category of the “2019 Innovation Award 4.0” in the context of the 13th edition of the A&T International Fair, held last week at Turin, Italy. This prize awards the best innovative 4.0 solutions in the industrial field.


The core purpose of project “My-AHA – My Active and Healthy Ageing” is to reduce frailty risk by improving physical activity and cognitive function, psychological state, social resources, nutrition, sleep and overall well-being. It aims to empower older citizens to better manage their own health, resulting in healthcare cost savings. My-AHA uses state-of-the-art analytical concepts to provide new ways of health monitoring and disease prevention through individualized profiling and personalized recommendations, feedback and support.

My-AHA was present at the “A&T – Automation & Testing International Fair”, a trade fair dedicated to Industry 4.0, testing and measurements, robotics and innovative technologies, competing in the “2019 Innovation Award 4.0”, which aims at recognizing projects that are developing innovative technologies for the Industry 4.0 framework.

My-AHA was showcased in a professional session, led by Prof. Alessandro Vercelli from the Università di Torino (project coordinator), who presented the innovative technologies being developed within the project and how they can assist in increasing the competitiveness of health companies.

Afterwards, the “A&T Scientific and Industrial Committee”, recognizing the added value that My-AHA can offer to the economy and quality of life, awarded the project the 1st place in the “Research & University” category.

My-AHA is a 4-year EU Horizon 2020 funded project, which started on January 2016, bringing together 16 countries spread around Europe, Asia and Oceania, aiming at fighting the age-related frailty and supporting its prevention.

The project’s consortium, coordinated by UNITO – Università degli Studi di Torino (Italy), includes as partners: Fraunhofer AICOS (Portugal); Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln (Germany); GESMED – Gestió Socio Sanitaria al Mediterrani SL (Spain); IBV – Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (Spain); Institut für experimentelle Psychophysiologie GmbH (Germany); LINKS Foundation - Leading Innovation & Knowledge for Society (Italy); Johanniter Österreich Ausbildung und Forschung gemeinnützige GmbH (Austria); Kaasa solution GmbH (Germany); Loughborough University (United Kingdom); Tohoku University – National University Corporation (Japan); Universität Siegen (Germany); USC – University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia).


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Project “My-AHA – My Active and Healthy Ageing” is an initiative funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 689592.