Portuguese Value-Based Healthcare CoLAB, making the shift to value-based healthcare



Devoted to health monitoring technologies and patient literacy support, the ‘Portuguese Value-Based Healthcare CoLAB’ was officially launched today.


The Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB) is the result of a consortium that includes NOVA University of Lisbon, José de Mello Saúde SA, Vodafone Portugal and Fraunhofer Portugal, is approved by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and counts with the support from the ICHOM (International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement) will focus its activity on the development of innovative, simple and intelligent health monitoring solutions which contribute to increasing health literacy.


The goal of the Portuguese Value-Based Healthcare CoLAB is to develop and implement methodologies of Value-Based Healthcare. Aiming at achieving better health and better attendance at lower costs, it focus on technology innovation to monitor health outcomes and support patient literacy. Value-Based Healthcare aims to facilitate a patient-centred approach while considering the resources spent. The shift to Value-Based Healthcare stems from changes in care delivery and consumer expectations and is based on improved data availability, transparency, and integration.

By investing in monitoring methods that follow the patient longitudinally, in hospital settings and at home or residential care, it allows to create a set of standard methodologies that objectively measure health outcomes towards models of implementation of Value-Based Healthcare. These methodologies will be disruptive to the Health Systems in Europe by providing objective tools for benchmarking value in health care, increasing patient’s literacy in order to make them active participants in their patients’ pathways and supporting sustainability of the Health Systems in the Ageing European societies.

On one hand, this CoLAB aims at creating inter and multidisciplinary scientific knowledge that will accelerate the implementation of Value-Based Healthcare methodologies in main disease pathways identified for the European context, while demonstrating its social and economic impact.

On the other hand, it will develop and validate technologies that will be exploited by the health market towards the dissemination of Value-Based Healthcare practices, creating direct and indirect scientific employment in the health Industry, through the exploitation of services and products that will be developed under the planned roadmap.

In the long term, the Portuguese Value-Based Healthcare CoLAB will leverage the implementation of innovative models of Value-Based Healthcare in Portugal and will stand as an international reference in this domain.

Portuguese CoLABs are a new form of partnership with industry and society for market-driven innovation and skilled jobs creation.