AI Strategy Workshop

The Intelligent Systems Group at Fraunhofer AICOS is driving the introduction of Artificial Intelligence capabilities to the Industry and has prepared a set of training series tailored to the challenges of our partners.




The AI revolution has started disrupting the way many businesses work. It is nowadays essential for decision-makers to keep up with the fast pace of technology evolution and be one step ahead in incorporating it into their strategy. Getting to know how AI technology works, combining it with business insight and the specificities of each domain is key in creating business visions for new products or new levels of profitability.

Fraunhofer AICOS offers a workshop designed for audiences with a business background, intending to provide the knowledge and tools to conceptualize and plan successful AI solutions.

The workshop features theoretical contents, aiming to introduce the most relevant concepts, uncover possibilities of application, real-world case studies and hands-on sessions, using our unique AI Project Canvas, which guides strategic thinking for AI solutions.


Key Benefits


> Complex technical topics presented in a simple language and fully illustrated with practical examples;

> Steps and guidelines in creating an AI strategy;

> Access to a unique tool, AI Project Canvas, to support design and plan AI initiatives.



Demystifying AI

The general concepts underlying AI will be presented to demystify this technology and uncover possibilities of application.

“How do machines learn?”

Introduction to the most innovative field within AI, Machine Learning. Overview of Machine Learning methods, from clustering to deep neural networks.

AI Strategy

Learn the steps a company must consider while designing and implementing its AI Strategy and use-cases. Discuss common challenges that multidisciplinary teams face in AI projects, such as creating the required data structures, selecting the most relevant methodologies and general “tricks of the trade“.

AI in practice: case studies

This session will explore multiple practical examples employing AI to convert databases into actionable insights.

Hands-on session: Setting up an AI initiative

Work on actual or hypothetical scenarios for the application of AI-powered solutions. Discuss potential use-cases and the pros and cons of using AI for specific problems and needs.

Hands-on session: AI Project Canvas

Create a case study for an AI-suitable problem by identifying the requirements and needs, implementation workflow, and expectations of potential benefits.



Workshop with theoretical and hands-on sessions

Starting Date:

On request


6 hours (one-day or 3 evening sessions)


C-level professionals, decision-makers, innovation managers

Course Fee:

Under consult


AI Strategy Workshop Flyer