Data Scientist Specialized in Data Analytics Training

Why this programme?


Artificial Intelligence is transforming our lives, being present in the most diverse areas of our daily routines.

Industry is no exception and the enormous potential of artificial intelligence in this sector has contributed to turn the production into a more efficient, flexible and reliable process. The information that may be extracted from the high volume of data generated inside and outside organizations is of great relevance and can be used to support operational and strategic decisions. Extracting information from this massive amount of data is only possible through the use of advanced processing techniques data, which have been driven by the Artificial Intelligence.

The scientific knowledge of Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, namely in Intelligent Systems, counts on the contribution of a team of researchers with enormous knowledge in areas such as Signal and Image Processing, and Machine Learning: the nuclear areas needed to develop systems with the ability to perceive, analyze, learn and support decision making.

The experience of more than 12 years of Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, combined with a collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS), gives rise to the Data Scientist Specialized in Data Analytics Training Programme.

The Fraunhofer Portugal Center for Assistive Information and Communication Solutions (AICOS) is the first center for investigation by the Fraunhofer Portugal Research Association (Fraunhofer Portugal). With consolidated skills in the areas of Human-Centred Design, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Physical Systems, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS has been collaborating with companies in different business areas such as health, agriculture, retail or energy.


What Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS has to offer:



Our training courses are led by experienced researchers and professionals. We present an overview of the techniques and tools used to create Machine Learning models implemented in open-source tools and software, through an independent and practical approach, based on exercises of implementation and testing.

Fraunhofer Portugal specialists will work with the different groups, ensuring the clarification of doubts and constant support.

The program and methodologies used are based on the strong knowledge and experience gained by Fraunhofer research centers in the training of qualified data scientists.



Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS develops research of practical utility, aimed at the economy and society. We support our partners from different sectors, from the initial idea to strategic development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence projects, with special focus on Machine Learning algorithms.



Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS represents research excellence at the highest level. In national and international projects, we develop innovative solutions with Computer Vision (on Cloud and Edge), Embedded Intelligence and Sensor Fusion, Cognitive Systems and Neural Networks (Deep Learning), and Predictive Modeling and Recommendation. Our researchers are authors of relevant scientific publications in topics related to Artificial Intelligence.




The certification* is awarded to participants by passing an assessment carried out by an external entity (Personnel Certification Authority at the Fraunhofer FIT Institute), in accordance with ISO 17024.




Our courses follow scientific and pedagogical methods that combine theory and introduction of concepts with a practical side, valuing the presentation of examples and conducting practical exercises.


Target audience


This program was created for technical staff and specialists from companies facing the challenges of digitization, specifically:

> Data managers who want to learn to describe data in an effective and integrated way;

> Data Analysts who want to learn how to use Machine Learning tools to develop predictive models in order to detect trends in data, make predictions and categorizations that support decisions.





> Introduction to Data Analytics

> Data Preparation

> Supervised Modeling: Classification

> Data Analytics with graphical tools – KNIME



> Visual Data Analytics

> Data Analytics with script languages - Python

> Supervised Modeling: Regression

> Unsupervised Modeling: Clustering



> Model Optimization and Selection

> Time Series Analysis

> Neural Networks

> Outlier detection




> Data Preparation with Python

> Exploratory Data Analysis with Python

> Statistical Data Analysis with Python

> Modeling and Evaluation with Python


Maria Vasconcelos is a Senior Scientist at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS. She received a BSc in Mathematics Applied to Technology in 2002 from Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, a Master in Applied Statistics and Modelling in 2006 and a PhD in Informatics Engineering in 2015, both from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto in 2015. She worked in statistics at Interpay Nederland BV and as consultant of document management at Link Consulting SA. She worked also as Invited Assistant at University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering and at School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto. Her main research activities are in the area of Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

André Carreiro is a Senior Researcher of the Intelligent Systems Group at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS. Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Técnico Lisboa – University of Lisbon, he has applied Machine Learning techniques since 2010, and has been working with Deep Learning methods since 2016, both in academia and industry, resulting in a balance between innovation and making sure such techniques are applied efficiently to solve real-world problems, in areas from Healthcare to Security, and Industry.

Key Details 


Language: Portuguese

Calendar: 11th to 14th of October 2021

Time: To be determined

Location: Online

Duration: 24 hours – 16 modules – with access to certification

Cost per participant: €1.490 (+ €590 for certification)

Registration form: **

Download: Data Scientist Specialized in Data Analytics Training Brochure [PT]


* The certification process has a minimum number of requests, so it can only be done if there is interest from at least 8 participants.

** For this course to take place, there must be a minimum number of 8 participants.