AutoErgo – Quantifying the ergonomic risk and biomechanical exposure in automotive assembly lines


This project is focused on providing quantitative means of evaluating biomechanical exposure during physical workload in three main dimensions: intensity (e.g., load magnitudes, the extent of non-neutral postures), repetition (frequency or number of force exertions and motions), and duration (the time the physical activity is performed, sustained non-neutral postures). The quantitative assessment will be performed using human motion tracking methods using inertial sensors, and will allow the proposal of new algorihms for quantitative analysis of physical risk factors associated with work related MSD.



This dissertation is aligned with the scientific roadmap of the Operator project. It will contribute to the activities of field data collection and human motion tracking algorithm refinement. It is expected that this work will leverage the current AICOS’s know how in Ergonomics by consolidating both the human motion tracking algorithms and the ergonomic risk exposure assessment using inertial sensors.


Author: Maria Nunes

Type: MSc thesis

Partner: FCUL – Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa

Year: 2021