uPRO – Design and validation of self-report user interface design patterns for people with rheumatic conditions


Mobile apps for self-reporting symptoms, also known as electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO), are seen as key to support rheumatology care with rich insights from patients. Nevertheless, ePRO solutions rarely undergo usability tests, which is especially problematic for older patients with limited ICT knowledge or experience.

Consequently, the potential of ePROs is greatly reduced. This thesis will create and validate ePRO design patterns for older adults with rheumatic conditions. Drawing on an in-depth review of mobile apps from the iTunes and Play Store, the student will select a list of UI design patterns to validate with end-users.



- Validated list of design patterns that can be used in COTIDIANA mobile app;

- Better understanding of hand dexterity and touch interaction of older people with rheumatic conditions which will also contribute to COTIDIANA development.


Author: Petra Grego    

Type: MSc thesis

Partner: UC – Universidade de Coimbra

Year: 2022