ADaFE – Adaptive Data Collection Front-End


The idea behind this project is to create a system to ease the process of data collection in mobile applications where the user input is necessary. This will be achieved through the usage of an adaptive Object-Model architecture to create an adaptive Front-End interface automatically deployable to a mobile application.

The system administrator could specify, on a friendly web interface, a set of forms, their types, attributes, behaviours, restrictions and interdependencies as metadata. Later the system sends this rules as metadata to a mobile device, running a framework responsible of translating the metadata into a visual Front-End interface which the end user can use to collect data. This mobile framework should be simple to integrate on an existing application, in order to reduce the costs involved in future layout implementations or changes in already existing ones.

This system will allow the creation of modular interfaces, easily adaptable according to the usage scenarios (clinical data, population surveys, etc.) and its end user (medical staff, volunteers, etc.) needs enhancing their interaction experience while using the applications.


Author: Rui Silva

Type: MSc thesis

Partner: Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Year: 2016



Project Flyer