Doctor Router


In the last few years, the population ageing resulted in a significant raise of search for healthcare causes older people are more likely to suffer multiple health conditions, chronic physical diseases and mobility limitation, often with concurrent mental and cognitive disorders. So we watched the democratization of access to health and well-being services, which took us to re-think the financial sustainability of the actual both public and private health care systems. One of the ways found to reduce costs and raise the health care efficiency, was the introduction of ICT in the health and well-being sectors. This new paradigm allows not only the significantly increase of the efficiency, but also the possibility of adopting new features that were not possible before, such as disease prevention.

This is the environment where the Enhanced Complete Ambient Assisted Living Experiment (eCAALYX) project comes in, a health monitoring solution to provide reliable long-term and maintenance-free operation in non-technical environments, thus, ready for real-world deployment. In this work it was developed one of the eCAALYX software modules for a Linux router, the ObservationManager. The goal was to process the incoming measures and to use web services to send the processed measures and alarms to the caretaker server. Additionally, it should be able to parse a file which is a standard for exchanging health information, the ObservationPattern.


Year: 2010