DriveCom – Drive Companion


Safely driving a vehicle on public roads requires a wide range of skills and abilities. Driving does not always take place in ideal conditions, in which a well-rested, well-trained and well-behaving individual interacts with a simple, undemanding road environment. Some issues that can make driving performance sub-optimal are distractions, driver condition or even environment conditions.

This project intends to evaluate and monitor scenarios where the driver safety may be in check while logging all available metrics. To do so several technologies currently available in most driver/car scenarios will be used. The aim is to use a simple smartphone and all its sensor data as well as an On-Board Diagnostics – (OBD) device to gather extra information regarding the car metrics. By using these two distinct sources of information it should be possible to check several relevant factors to evaluate the driving experience such as acceleration, speed, cornering, road condition, safety speed limits, fuel consumption, location and calls/messages while driving.

With all this data the driver would be evaluated each trip/day with detailed information showing what metric or behaviour should be improved while logging all the information to be later consulted. Simple awareness of bad driving habits may help improve the driver skills and behaviour directly impacting accident probability.


Main Outcomes:

A new application prototype preferably based on the current Smart Companion project user interface library, capable of communication with and OBD device, gathering the vehicle data while also recording sensorial information. The evaluation of the driving can be done in real time or at the end of a driving session. Ultimately, all information generated during the trip should be sent to a back-end server.


Author: Luís Durão

Type: MSc thesis

Partner: Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Year: 2018



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