EyesOnFarm – Eyes on Farm


Nowadays, precision agriculture gives the farmer the opportunity to optimize the output and minimize operational costs of his farms. By using sophisticated technology (sensing and actuation devices), the farmer can access different sets of parameters and manage all stages of production, based on real-time information.

However, the interaction between farmers – low or non-technical users – and devices that gather a large amount of data, demands design techniques and technologies in order to understand actions, context and profile of a specific user, providing the best possible experience and efficiently helping in decision-making activities.

The goal of this project is to take advantage of previous work from project Hydroponic Farming and contribute to project DeM – Deus ex Machina, namely:

> Mind and Behaviour: understanding farmers needs and technology acceptances through user research and analysis;
> Agriculture: crop monitoring, field tests and experiments: where low-fidelity prototypes will explore new methods of visualization and interaction. Using the data gathered from sensors, information will be effectively represented, helping farmers to make the best decisions in their farming activities.


Author: Maria Marques

Type: MSc thesis

Partner: Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Year: 2017



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