Home Display for Ambient Assisted Living


This project aimed at exploring the concept of a home display in the context of AAL scenarios. The home display enables not only some basic interactions but also the continuous and autonomous selection of contents for presentation. These were chosen with regards to its context, which includes the room in the house, people, time of day, day of week and events gathered by sensors and explicit interaction of the house users.

The home display was fully integrated in the home services ecosystem. Particularly, there is the assumption that the house is equipped with some kind of home gateway, where one can find a diversity of sensors related to AAL applications. Moreover, the home display serves also as a way to provide visibility and generate a greater awareness regarding events associated to it. One of the requirements was the possibility to interrupt any task in order to deal with emergency situations that might occur. This is important in many AAL situations, in which sensors may initiate a variety of alarms.

This work has been carried out based on an existent screen software manager; for this reason, its main goal was the development of the concept, exploring multiple applications and modes of interaction, functioning and reaction to external events.


Year: 2010