HTML5-based Mobile Video Surveillance


Nowadays, there are proprietary technologies capable of delivering live video streaming over a network with minimal latency. Unfortunately, with the lack of a common standard on how the media is displayed, each technology requires its own extra plugin. These technologies require special servers and networks, making it costlier for service providers to deliver media and harming the experience for the end use.

The recent advances of HTML, especially the HTML5 draft specification and its early implementations, promise to expand the possibilities of web applications. HTML5 brings native media support to the browsers. Using HTML5 elements and APIs, we designed a system to deliver live video streaming to browsers natively, providing minimal latency and high performance. The Native Video Delivery System (NVDS) aims to replace the current technologies for real-time video streaming by a new delivery system with native browser support, relying on non-proprietary technologies and open source tools. It provides media support within a web environment making video deliverable easily accessible to mobile devices.

To prove the validity of this concept, a prototype was implemented. The evaluation of the implemented prototype reveals the NVDS as a viable alternative to current live video streaming technologies.


Author: António Bernardo Pina

Type: MSc thesis

Partner: Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto

Year: 2011