SCDash – Smart Companion Dashboard App


Smart Companion (SC) is an Android launcher that was specially designed to address seniors’ goals and needs. It aims to be a permanently available companion to support seniors in their daily activities, and bring them closer to their relatives or caregivers. In order to accomplish this task, SC includes a set of applications that range from simple calls and messages to more complex ones such as fall risk calculation, activity monitoring and fall detection. All the applications developed for SC gather a relevant amount of data that can aid its user on their daily activities. Nevertheless, this can only be achieved if data is treated and showed to the user using a simple and meaningful way.

Currently, information collected by SC is spread across several applications, that the user needs to open and browse. Combining information collected from different applications could also result in new conclusions that are relevant to the user.

The goal of this project is to study how the information collected by SC applications can be displayed to the user in an easy, simple, centralized and dashboard-like way, through an application, a widget or other appropriate solution. This includes analysing the smartphone data, conduct research with the users to understand which information is more relevant to them and how it should be displayed, develop low to high fidelity prototypes of the User Interface (UI), and iteratively test the solution.

The outcome of this project is an Android application or widget, where the user can, at a glance, get the most important information available at SC.



The outcome of this project is a new application to be integrated in the Smart Companion system. This application should aggregate different information to be displayed in a simple and easy to read way for the user. This application can also be potentially included in GoLivePhone in the future.


Type: MSc thesis

Partner: Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Year: 2018