SmarTrans – Smartphone Based Transportation Mode Detection


The main objective is to create an independent platform for automatic detection of the transportation mode of a person, carrying a mobile device. Current existing approaches use mainly the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal to accomplish this task, but they fail when there is no signal available or they only allow general categories (e.g. still, walking, motorized).

The goal of this project is to be specific when detecting the transportation mode (walking, cycling, car, bus, metro, train, moto) using the inertial sensors as the main source of data. This can be done using the smartphone, or using an external device connected to it (e.g. a Pandlet), which shall be carried by the person.

Moreover, the platform shall also include the possibility for a remote caregiver to receive information about the transportation mode in real time, as well as to check the daily activities, allowing for a full logging and understanding of the person’s daily activity habits.


Author: Nuno Cardoso

Type: MSc thesis

Partner: Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto

Year: 2016



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