TAnDI beta – Android Distributed Information

Researchers of the Portuguese Fraunhofer Research center AICOS (Assistive Information and Communication Solutions) have published today a new application to share and distribute user generated multimedia content (Photos, later also videos) on the Android Market for testing. The application has been specifically designed to be used on the TMobile G1 mobile phone in combination with the T-Online Mediacenter an online storage solution from Deutsche Telekom for residential customers.

By pressing just one button photos that have been taken with the G1 phone can be transferred automatically to the T-Online Mediacenter and other platforms like Flicker, or Picasa. In addition meta-data related to the Photo, like location and tags to manage larger quantities of content can be included.

Another highlight: An additional connected service (TAnDI Server) in the Internet allows access to the content stored at the T-Online Mediacenter not only by using a PC: Individual RSS feeds generated by the TAnDI server allow to connect additional devices, like networked digital picture frames or media players at home in order to display the content. A Photo just taken with the G1 and without any additional user interaction will be displayed on one or many devices shortly after. Fun not only for the younger generations and specifically for families and friends!

The researchers at AICOS want to contribute with TAnDI to the simplified use of ICT in the daily connected life and to stimulate service providers to address the potential of integrated communication solutions by providing documented access to service interfaces, e.g. the T-Online Mediacenter and the application of open standards to their infrastructure. The director of AICOS, Dirk Elias commented: „ We would like to remind telecommunication providers, that using open source solutions like Android have a bidirectional aspect and they also are supposed to contribute to the community“. Instead of proprietary closed shop developments that at the end limit the choice of the users it would be much more effective to provide the necessary information in order for creative developers to provide a broad range of useful applications that will also lead to an increased growth of their market.

Note: The first beta version for testing purpose is ready for download from the Android Market place. Have a look for TAnDI and try.

Using TAnDI beta is free but might generate costs related to the use of the mobile phone network. The TAnDI Server is dimensioned for approximately 10.000 users and the service at the time of writing will be available until 31.12.2009. Using TAnDI beta does not imply any service guarantees and includes a risk of malfunction. No warranty against the loss or misuse of data can be given according to the applicable EU-laws. The TAnDI server is located in Europe. We are strongly interested in your feedback and will try to include it in later versions of TAnDI and related developments. Please send your comments to tandi(at)fraunhofer.pt. Enjoy!


Source: 02.04.2009, Fraunhofer Portugal