AAL4ALL - Official Launching Ceremony

A project involving 34 national entities – amongst them Fraunhofer Portugal, technical coordinator of the project – representing a QREN approved global investment of 8,3 million € during a 3 year period.


The Official Launching Ceremony of the AAL4ALL (Ambient Assistive Living for All) initiative has occurred on the 27th of October 2011 in Lisbon. The session took place in the consortium leaders’ headquarters in Portugal (Alcatel-Lucent), with the objective of marking the official start of this 3 year project, having as audience representatives of government entities, public institutes, health sector-related companies, the constituents of the AAL4ALL project and the press.

The AAL4ALL project has as fundamental objective the improvement of the quality of life of the senior population in Portugal, by the supervision, assistance and coordination of services that contribute to the health and well-being of those parts of the population.

Approved by QREN, the project involves the cooperation of 34 national entities – public institutions, industry, user groups and R&D institutions – to develop and implement the technology and services needed for a sustainable health care service to the senior population in Portugal.

With a global investment perspective of 8,3 million Euro, the AAL4ALL project will culminate with the implementation of a large-scale pilot in 2014.

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Source: 08.11.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal