AlzNav App Finalist at Vodafone International Contest

The Android application AlzNav, developed in Fraunhofer AICOS, was amongst the three finalists in the international contest “Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards 2011", in the “Mobility” category.

This was the inaugural edition of the contest organized by the Vodafone Foundation. Its goals are to promote and award developers that create IT applications designed to improve the lives of people with disabilities or older people, helping them become more actively involved in society.

Between the 14th June 2011 and the 15th October 2011, more than 70 competitors from all over Europe submitted their applications. The jury, consisting of representatives from AGE Platform Europe, European Disability Forum and Vodafone Foundation, selected our AlzNav application to be one of the 3 finalists in the Mobility category.

The AlzNav is a monitoring and navigational system designed for older adults and persons in the initial stages of dementia, allowing them to have more mobility, autonomy and sense of security when leaving outdoors.

This application also includes features that are very helpful for the user’s caregivers, as they can easily monitor their cared one’s moves and to get alerted whenever they leave a predetermined safe zone.

AlzNav features:

- Keeps track of the user's location;
- Facilitates the process of calling for help (family, care taker, dedicated taxi services);
- Autonomously assesses if the user is straying from a safe location and acts accordingly;
- Navigates the user back to a safe location, if he wishes to;
- Informs caregivers of the user's situation and location, when necessary;
- Allows caregivers to request and receive information regarding their cared-for's whereabouts.

For more information on this project, please visit AlzNav’s website or check its Flyer, FAQ and User Manual.

Source: 22.12.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal