FEUP First Job 2011

Fraunhofer Portugal is going to be present in the ‘FEUP First Job 2011’ event, occurring from the 29th to the 31st of March 2011 in FEUP Campus.

Scope of the Event

The main goal of the FEUP First Job initiative is to promote a more direct contact between companies and students, giving the opportunity for both to get to know each other’s interests and activities.

During this event the students will have the opportunity to gather information on the different internship programs and job opportunities offered by the participant companies, as well as the chance to engage in individual interviews with those same companies.

Concurrently, the companies will have the chance to develop their contacts with the academic community (students as well as teachers), having the opportunity to recruit FEUP graduates interested in their areas of activity, as well as promoting their activities within the companies present in the event.


Source: 28.03.2011 Fraunhofer Portugal / FEUP First Job