Smart Companion is running for “Prémio Zon Criatividade 2011”

Fraunhofer AICOS’ mobile product Smart Companion is one of the finalists in the contest “Prémio Zon Criatividade 2011” and is on the run for the final prizes in the “Multimedia Content and Applications” category.

The contest intends to encourage the promotion and development of multimedia and audiovisual industry in Portugal and stimulate further research in these fields, by promoting the work of multidisciplinary research and international scientific cooperation.

ZON received more than 200 applications, including international competitors from Europe, the USA and Australia. The jury, constituted by personalities from the industry, the media sector, government and academic institutions, considered Smart Companion as one of the best products in the competition. The winners will be announced until the 31st January 2012, in a public ceremony.

Smart Companion is one of Fraunhofer AICOS’ flagship projects. It’s an Android OS customization designed from scratch having in mind older people’s specific needs and requirements. The objective of Smart Companion was to create a smartphone that could easily be used by the senior population and, more than that, to serve them and be a real “companion” for older people.

The project already caught the attention of the industry and the curiosity of the media: Smart Companion was news in RTP and Porto Canal.

For any additional information regarding this project please check the Smart Companion Flyer and Presentation, or visit its website.


Source: 28.12.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal