AAL4ALL participate in PORTUGAL MAIOR - International Conference for Active Ageing

AAL4ALL participate in PORTUGAL MAIOR - International Conference for Active Ageing from 5 to 9 of December of 2012. AAL4ALL project, which main goal is the mobilization of an industrial ecosystem of products and services in the scope of AAL and is specially focused on the definition of specific standards.

The PORTUGAL MAIOR - International Conference for Active Ageing, in an initiative of the AIP - Feiras, Congressos e Eventos [Entity organising Fairs, Conferences and Events] in partnership with the João de Deus Higher School of Education, degree in Geriatrics, assumes itself as the link between the over 50s and the offers available in the market, promoting the business and scientific discussion between companies, entities and users.
They have gathered, in a single space, the greatest diversity of resources and people with a common interest with the aim of providing care to all of those over 50, integrating them into a Multigenerational Society and dignifying them, according to their specific needs and individual potential. 

The AAL4ALL project, which is currently being developed by Fraunhofer AICOS in cooperation with 34 Portuguese interdisciplinary partners, ranging from areas as industry to academia, R&D and social disciplines, are already available and were presented in the end of June at the pHealth 2012 Conference, in Porto.

The first steps of the AAL project were to specify the requirements of senior users by using dedicated surveys whose data will allow the AAL project researchers to understand how ICT technologies are already part of the daily activities of the target users and to define new markets for care products and services.

The results of these dedicated surveys allowed researchers to draw insights about the socio demographics of the Portuguese population over 50, concerning their health, families and social networks, economic situation, housing conditions, autonomy in developing the basic and instrumental daily activities, fears and insecurities and needs and attitudes towards technology.