Members of Bavarian Parliament to visit Fraunhofer AICOS

Fraunhofer AICOS will host, on the 28th June, a visit from members of the Bavarian Parliament, who constitute the “Universities, Research and Culture” committee, within a 3-day program of visits to Portugal.

This will include talks with representatives of the Municipality of Porto concerning the preservation of cultural heritage, meetings with representatives of German cultural institutions and a presentation and guided visit of the capital of culture of Europe (in Guimarães).

The Bavarian parliamentarians will visit Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS on the last day of the program, when they will also meet with the Rector and other representatives of the University of Porto.

The committee will be at AICOS between 9h30 and 10h30, where they’ll have the opportunity to know more about AICOS’ R&D activities and projects, through an institutional presentation, followed by demonstrations.

Therefore, the committee will be able to learn about the background and purposes of AICOS, as well as they will learn about its expertise in topics like Ambient Assisted Living, including human falls (through fall prediction and fall detection technologies) and related mobile technologies that offer a huge market potential.

The “Universities, Research and Culture” committee of the Bavarian Parliament is composed by Oliver Jörg (CSU - President of the Committee), Isabel Zacharias (SPD – Vice-President), Annette Bulfon (FDP), Sepp Dürr (Die Grünen), Karl Freller (CSU), Thomas Goppel (CSU), Bernd Kränzle (CSU), Walter Nadler (CSU), Christoph Rabenstein (SPD), Adelheid Rupp (SPD) and Walter Taubeneder (CSU).

This is the second visit of German political representatives to Fraunhofer AICOS, after the research center hosted, in the 5th April, a visit of 6 members of the German Federal Parliament, which were part of the Parliamentarian Group for the Portugal-Germany Friendship.


Source: 21.06.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal