Book “Health Information Systems” co-authored by Fraunhofer AICOS’s Researchers

Fraunhofer AICOS’ researchers Filipe Sousa and Liliana Ferreira are co-authors of the recently launched book entitled “Health Information Systems – Perspectives and Challenges in Portugal”. It was publicly launched in FNAC – Norteshopping on the 26th January, on an event where many of Fraunhofer Portugal’s academic and industrial partners were present.

Organized by Domingos Pereira, José Carlos Nascimento and Rui Gomes, this book compiles the analysis of many specialists who are related to the Health sector, including doctors, nurses, Information Systems managers, health services managers and academics.

AICOS’s researchers Filipe Sousa and Liliana Ferreira were the authors of the chapter “Health 2.0: Ambient Assisted Living, Health Services with the Citizen”, providing their expertise on this field, which is closely related to Fraunhofer AICOS’s research activities - like the project AAL4ALL (Ambient Assisted Living for All), that is mentioned in this chapter of the book.

AAL4ALL is an important initiative for the development of AAL services and products in Portugal, bringing together all the main players in this field (including Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS) in order to establish specific standards for AAL solutions.

According to Domingos Pereira, the motivations to launch this book were related to the fact that “in Health, information technologies have a huge impact on daily activities, and we expect that impact to increase even more in the close future.” Therefore, the book provides answers to many questions related with the use of information technologies in Health.

The participation of Fraunhofer ACIOS’s researchers in such an important publication for the improvement of Portuguese health services is a clear sign of AICOS’s unique competence and expertise in the field of information technologies for health, namely in Ambient Assisted Living research activities.


Source: 01.02.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal