Fraunhofer AICOS Master Students Workshop 2012

Fraunhofer AICOS held, on the 11th of July, a public session of presentations of the work carried on by AICOS Master students for their MSc dissertations.

Each one of the twelve students had the opportunity to provide a presentation of their work and achievements to a broad audience which included AICOS researchers and collaborators and external guests, who could learn more about the activities carried on in AICOS by its MSc students.

The Master thesis presentations were held from 10h00 to 11h30 and from 14h30 to 17h00. Between 11h30 and 13h00, a session of demonstrations allowed the audience to interact more directly with the work developed by AICOS’ Master students.

In this session, where flyers and posters regarding the MSc dissertations were also available, the students could present the practical applications of their work, which resulted in solutions for areas such as fall risk detection, information extraction from medical leaflets, monitoring of vital signs through smartphones, recovering and visualization of data regarding the use of mobile interfaces, augmented reality through smartphones, energy monitoring and saving, among others. 

These MSc theses were developed having in mind the Fraunhofer AICOS orientation for “Research of Practical Utility”, and provided very useful results and solutions which might be applied to AICOS’ projects such as “Smartphones for Seniors”, “REMPARK”, “SavEnergy” and others.

This initiative was the first one carried on by AICOS in order to publicly present the works of its Master students, with the objective of getting the attention of researchers, students and partner institutions.

Since its creation in 2008 that Fraunhofer AICOS has received Master students, allowing them to develop their work in a professional environment, oriented for the creation of practical solutions; and benefiting from these students expertise and knowledge, thus resulting in a win-win relationship.

In general, all of AICOS students finish their MSc thesis with excellent grades, and are able to find a job afterwards, whether in AICOS or in other institutions in industry.

These were the MSc dissertations presented at the 11th of July session:

João Cevada
User Interface Design Recommendations for Fitting Smartphone Applications to Persons with Parkinson

Ivo Santos
Personas and Scenarios - Understanding how personas and scenarios are used in real world context

Roxanne Leitão
Creating mobile gesture-based interaction design patterns for older adults: a study of tap and swipe gestures with Portuguese seniors

Oleksandr Kruk               
“Postbox Web” – Web data storage, data retrieval and data sync for shared mobile phones in areas with intermittent network coverage

João Soares
Phone based sit-stand-sit movement analysis

Ricardo Lagido
Ant+ medical health kit for older adults

Tiago Melo
Gesture recognition for natural interaction with applications

Rui Marques
Android based Augment Reality

Albano Brito
Data Mining and Visualization of Android usage data

Eduardo Santos
Adapting mobile devices for seniors usage - an autonomic management approach

Pedro Madureira
Run-time Management of Energy Efficiency on Industrial Scenarios - An Autonomic Computing Approach

Bruno Aguiar
Information extraction from medication leaflets


Source: 13.07.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal