Fraunhofer AICOS launches its end-user platform: Colaborar

The success story of the User Network opens up a new chapter with its most recent user platform: Colaborar. The platform introduces Fraunhofer AICOS to the community and already has registered users!


Since its foundation, Fraunhofer AICOS has remained faithful to its pledge for “Remarkable technology, easy to use”. To this end, users are always placed at the centre of the process, thus allowing our researchers to create user friendly, inclusive and useful solutions.


In order to allow for a true implementation of its user-centred design principles, Fraunhofer AICOS has been steadily building its User Network. The User Network brings together primary (older adults), secondary (formal and informal caregivers, medical doctors, and therapists, amongst others) and tertiary users (institutions) who collaborate with Fraunhofer AICOS in its Research & Development activities.


The User Network allows our researchers to constantly be in touch with end-users, placing us in a privileged position when it comes to user research, usability testing, experience in working with and for older adults and in knowing, first hand, what older adults need and expect from information and communication technologies.


Recently, the User Network went one step further in this approximation to the community, by allowing users from all over the country and abroad to engage in our research centre’s activities. Fraunhofer AICOS has launched its website Colaborar, where users can learn more about our activities and register to collaborate with us, helping our researchers shape tomorrow’s technology.


The role of the User Network within the community has had an important role in not only bringing new technologies to novice users and those who were often excluded from the digital world, but also in promoting different leisure activities for older adults, along with our partner institutions (hospitals, day-care centres, residencies, local government…).


Soon, the User Network will be opening up to reach a European level, thus helping bring researchers and end-users closer together.


Stay tuned!