Fraunhofer Portugal fosters leading technology

Fraunhofer Portugal gathered decision makers of some of the most prominent technological companies to participate in an Open Day event, a first time initiative promoted by the institution.

The organization of the first Open Day aimed to further develop ties between Portugal and Germany and highlight some of the most significant initiatives and activities they have been working on in both countries.

The event also assembled some of Fraunhofer’s leading members, from Portugal and Germany, which resulted in a truly remarkable exchange of competences and technologies of Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization.

At the end of the event we were able to showcase three projects which illustrate our capacity of innovation and technological development – Smart Companion, SavEnergy and Malaria Scope.

The underlying criteria in choosing these three projects relied upon the journey of each one. Smart companion is a “Swiss army knife” type of solution, an example of an internal scientific research project targeting and matching industrial windows of opportunities through licensing that is now becoming a commercial success.

SavEnergy (an energy efficiency  management system on industrial scenarios related with mobile network generators), is a project initially developed to cater a specific area, in this case health, and later the existing background knowledge and expertise were applied to customer specific new demands.

Malaria Scope (a mobile based project that effectively improves the differential diagnosis of malaria in medically underserved areas), is the result of joining heterogeneous knowledge and incremental research to create an outstanding innovation.