Fraunhofer Portugal at the AAL Forum 2014

More than 500 participants, several innovative and technological solutions and hundreds of visitors. This is the wrap-up of the AAL Forum 2014, an event in which Fraunhofer Portugal took part. With one of the largest stands of the event, Fraunhofer Portugal had some researchers and representatives to demonstrate and present projects such as AAL4All, ChefMyself, COLABORAR, Fall Competence Center, and Smart Companion.

The presence of Fraunhofer Portugal was highly noticed especially because of the show cooking sessions where the ChefMyself equipment was used to prepare some tasty, healthy meals. Our team of experts prepared different recipes such as “Red pepper cream with toast”, “Salmon pâté with toast”, “Cream of carrot soup”, “Cream of pea soup”, and “Dark chocolate sorbet”. ChefMyself attracted several participants, both from general public but also from other stands which represented projects associated to correlated areas as, for instance, nutrition. Furthermore, other projects from Fraunhofer Portugal were under demonstration and available for participants to test and gather in-depth information. Smart Companion and other projects developed under the Fall Competence Center were also very appealing to the public who tested them and were quite interested in finding out more about them.

This year, the AAL Forum took place from the 9th to the 12th of September in Bucharest (Romania). The AAL Forum is the annual platform for the increasing European AAL community to meet and discuss several topics, relevant for improving the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP) as well as the adoption of AAL solutions in the market. It is an initiative of the AAL Joint Programme.

The AAL Forum is the annual showcase event for the people involved in the AAL JP’s projects and the AAL community. It is the core connection of the joint programme to the AAL Community. This community includes policy makers, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) developers, manufacturers, health professionals, commissioners, businesses, venture companies, technologists, academics, designers, carers and, of course, older adults. Its purpose is to exhibit and demonstrate existing or developing ICT solutions (products and services), promote networking within the community, foster the interest of other sectors in the field of AAL, provoke debate and discussion on various topics and highlight new or emerging developments in the area to inform the AAL community.