Fraunhofer Portugal welcomes Master students

Each year, since its foundation in 2008, Fraunhofer AICOS receives Master students, allowing them to develop their work in a professional environment, oriented to the creation of practical solutions. This cooperation also allows Fraunhofer AICOS to benefit from these students’ expertise and knowledge, thus resulting in a win-win relationship.

This year, Fraunhofer AICOS is welcoming fifteen new Master students from the Faculties of Engineering and Sciences of the University of Porto, who will be developing research work in the areas of “Ambient and Assistive Living” and “Innovation and Communication Technology for Development”.

Such topics as chronic diseases and well-being management through smartphone usage data analysis, serious games on users’ daily activities, magnetic reference for accurate indoor tracking and real-time sun exposure monitorization using smartphones, represent some of the ideas involved in these projects. Although most of the work is concentrated on the use of smartphones and mobile devices, our students also study the utilization of new devices as Quadcopters for ambient assisted living and related areas.

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS Master topics generally require a multidisciplinary approach to the problem as reflected in the idea to improve the user experience with smartphones by complementing the touch information given by the smartphone's capacitive touch screen with the information received by the accelerometer and gyroscope. This project combines several scientific areas as Human Computer Interaction, Information and Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion and Mobile Systems.