Master Students Workshop 2014

The Master Students Workshop 2014 was held last 4th of July. During the entire day, thirteen students hosted by Fraunhofer AICOS had the opportunity to present the major achievements and progresses of their work.

During the morning, from 09h00 to 13h00, each student presented the work developed in the scope of their theses to an audience which included AICOS’ researchers and collaborators. The Workshop 2014 included a more practical session, during the afternoon. All the thirteen projects were demonstrated an open exhibition held at the UPTEC lobby.

An Android application that detects, in real-time, risky behaviors regarding sun exposure (SunPet); a device created to the Alzheimer Disease patients (AlzSense) which tracks location and activity, environmental conditions, among other characteristics; and a mobile application developed for Android smartphones which facilitates the management of seniors’ daily finances (PersonalFinancesApp). These are just examples of the developed and presented projects.

On our Facebook page we present several photos of the Master Students Workshop 2014.

The fifteen Master students hosted by Fraunhofer AICOS (two of them still to present their work) are from Faculties of Engineering and Sciences of the University of Porto, and developed their research work in the areas of “Ambient and Assistive Living” and “Innovation and Communication Technology for Development”. Fraunhofer AICOS receives Master students every year, since its foundation in 2008. The goal is to allow them to develop their work in a professional environment, oriented to the creation of practical solutions. This cooperation also allows Fraunhofer AICOS to benefit from these students’ motivation and creation.


These Masters students deepened their knowledge in the following topics:


Ana Barreto - Environment-Aware System for Alzheimer’s Patients (AlzSense)

Ana Fernandes - Optimizing the interpretation of FUSAMI data for usability analysis (GestureMetrics)

Ana Ferreira - Personal finances mobile application for seniors (PersonalFinancesApp)

Eduardo Barbosa - Efficient Database Image Search (EDIS)

Fernando Correia - Real-time Sun Exposure Monitorization using Smartphones (SunPet)

Gabriel Damaso - Smartphone Noise Suppression (SmartNS)

João Machado - Smartphone Based Closed-Loop Auditory Cueing System (SmartCueing)

João Oliveira - Motorized microscope stage for smartphone (MicroStage)

Joaquim Oliveira - Complement the touch information given by the smartphone's capacitive screens with the information received by the accelerometer and gyroscope (Touch Sense)

José Pereira - Gamification on Users Daily Activities (MoverGami)

Márcio Oliveira - Magnetic Reference for Accurate Indoor Tracking (MagRef4PIL)

Nino Rocha - Depression Signs Detection through Smartphone Usage Data Analysis (DepSigns)

Pedro Dias - Smartphone serious games for senses evaluation (GSenses)