mWaterSafety as an example of SMARTCOAST technologies

“Zonas Costeiras Inteligentes: SMARTCOAST” is the theme of the second Conference organized by Inova-Ria which is taking place tomorrow (29th of October).

Among several projects, mWaterSafety will be presented by Sofia Ramos, in representation of the company Ponto.C and Fraunhofer AICOS, as an example of SMARTCOAST technologies. Other themes as Sea strategies and Knowledge and Technology for the Sea will be developed.

"SmartCoast" aims to promote a new strategic approach for Seaside areas showing the potential of these areas with Sea and Land, promoting new business opportunities with technology base grounded in knowledge and scientific associated research.

mWaterSafety is a new technological solution,  under development by Fraunhofer AICOS and the company Ponto.C, that aims to increase the safety in nautical activities, focusing on fishing communities and watersports athletes, such as sailing and windsurf sportsmen. This solution is based on smartphones and external sensors coupled to vessels, to easily obtain information about their positioning, their routes and increase the level of security on the practice of nautical activities. For the water sports sportsmen, it will also allow them to obtain water sports performance information.